Hindu terrorism becoming mainstream ideology!

“Dominant caste psyche without even a speck of guilt consciousness against caste oppression” forms an important foundation to the mentality of taking the atrocities against minorities as normal. However, the main background for the creation of this new situation is because the Brahminical Hindu religion has never been challenged ideologically in these states.

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Are we living in a patriarchal world?

Who is protected by Corporate organization?  Who needs to be really protected in real world?

Sexual offender or Victim.

Does union and social activists has to teach moral etiquette to be followed in a place with profit margin pressure and client satisfaction to build more surplus, attractive project margins etc?

There may be arguments from world of men and false feminism that women is wrong?

Working women have given way to alpha male. Is it true or a hyped statement?

What sort of an organization TCS is?

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Commemorating Comrade Saravana Guru

Commemorating Comrade Saravana Guru


On behalf of NDLF IT employees wing we are organizing a commemoration event this Saturday (06/07/2019) to recall our moments with our Comrade Saravana Guru.

We request all Union Members, Friends and fellow IT employees to join us.

Date : 06/07/2019 (Saturday)

Time : Afternoon – 2.00 – 5.00 P.M.

Venue : Panuval Hall, Thiruvanmiyur, (near Bus depot) Chennai.

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Our Saravanaguru is no more, but his memories lives on

In addition to Quora, he has taken various videos to promote this awareness among IT employees. He is also worked on conducting live question and answer sessions in the FB page to increase this awareness. He played a very vital role in spreading awareness among IT employees.

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Water Woes and Software Firms

Water crisis in Chennai is at peak now. We have massive flood in Chennai several years before and within 5 years of this historical 100 year record flood, Chennai is on news with water crisis as main issues.

Last week there are lot of news circulating that IT companies are having deep water crisis and they did not able to run their offices. As a result, many IT companies are asking their employees to work from home. Many of the IT employees are now working from their home. This is hot news in many leading newspapers and we also got calls from various news magazines like Puthiya Thalaimurai and News 7 channel. We will explore answer for this issue with much closer look.

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Best way to tackle Layoff – Suicide? No, Employees Unity

we need to explore how to overcome this issue. The answer lies with employees working on other sectors.  Last year, we have seen Yamaha worker protest in Chennai Oragadam where majority of the workers went on strike against the management. These sectors has more union powers and this secure their job and provide possibilty of going on strike.

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Ethnic wear Tragedies

A series of incidents which happened in a leading IT product companies triggered us to write this article. In fact, many IT companies are following this strategy as best practice to motivate employees in workplace but the reality is different. 

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Election and Working Women

Election is near and the political parties are wooing voters with all kinds of promises. Election manifestos of all the parties have covered almost all popular demands. Like the way they did in the past, now also the rights and demands of working women are left unaddressed. Though we are equal in number of votes, we face this inequality.

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Modus Operandi of CTS Terminating its Senior Employees

A senior employee who worked for about two decades in CTS talks about how he was terminated under false compliance issues manufactured by the management with the aim of terminating employees like him.

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There is no other way than a Union

A refute to the article published by The Hindu – BusinessLine titled  “It’s best to leave the IT sector alone” supporting the corporate and demonizing IT Unions.

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Wipro Bengaluru Verdict – A Judgement with deep running consequences

The standing orders given by the government does not provide power to terminate employees under the reasons that the employee is a supervisor or citing performance issues through appraisal. In Karnataka, the IT Sector got an exemption from this standing order. This exemption was obtained in the year 2014 and was valid till 2019 and recently the Karnataka Government has extended this exemption for another five years till 2024.  This is the main difference we see between two different verdicts on this issue.

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Getting rid of the Union headache

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series New labour codes and the 44 labour laws

Imagine a situation where this proposal is finalized and in such scenario, it requires 20000 employees to form a union.  This proposal will bury all possibilities of forming union in IT sector. This is not only applicable for IT sector but for all other giant corporates. The intention of this change, which is very clear, is to stop registering labour unions in any of the new companies.


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New Labour Codes – Government colludes with Corporates

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series New labour codes and the 44 labour laws

The central government is converting labour laws into codes. Violation of a code will not be punishable as in the case of law. If violation does not attract punishment, imagine how corporates will behave. With their corporate power, they are violating law itself. If we talk about code, they will bury the rights of employees once for all

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Layoff Practice : Corporates have evolved. So should we.

There is a famous comedy in a Tamil Movie, by actor Vivek, involving a scoundrel named Minor Kunju who raped a girl in a village. Despite the affected girl’s complaint in the village panchayat, the panchayat would let the accused off and order the scoundrel to pay certain amount of money to village temple as …

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Not only Teachers/Govt Employees, IT Employees Also Suffer

Thus Mr. Raj Mehta has presided over the illegal retrenchment of 100s of Cognizant employees in the past 6 months.

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