The Dilemma in Taking up the Legal Fight when you are terminated.

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series I, IT employee named Shyam Sundar

We looked at the need for unions in the last part.

In this part, before going to Comrade Palanichamy’s story, let us try to find the answer for what termination means to any employee. Sudden termination is definitely an extreme shock for many of the employees.

We have covered news about various ways people behave on receiving termination from employment in articles published in our union website over the last 3 years.

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Press Release – Joint statement of IT & ITES employees unions against illegal retrenchments and demanding immediate reinstatement of Trade Union leaders.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic period the IT and ITES Multi National Companies like Cognizant, Wipro, Hexaware, Capgemini, Accenture, etc., illegally retrenching thousands of employees across the country. Quarterly reports of these companies show more than 25000 IT & ITES Employees lost their employment during this Pandemic period.

All the IT & ITES employees unions across the country are working to bringing justice to the employees affected due to the illegal practices of these MNCs. Out of which, Mr. Shyam Sundar, Former Office Bearer of NDLF IT Employees Wing and Mr. Vinod AJ, General Secretary of All India Forum for IT Employees – AIFITE, employed with Wipro and Cognizant respectively were illegally terminated for standing by the affected employees. We strongly condemn that!

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Why IT Companies Allergic to Unions?

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series I, IT employee named Shyam Sundar

In my previous article, I have written about termination of my employment from the company for which I worked for the last 18.5 years.

There is another termination of a unionist this week. A.J. Vinod who is the president of Forum for IT Employees also got terminated last week. Last year, Elavarasan who is the General Secretary of FITE got terminated.

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“I, IT employee named Shyam Sundar”

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series I, IT employee named Shyam Sundar

My name is Shyam Sundar. I worked with one of the top 5 Indian IT companies. I have around 23 years of experience in IT industry.

I want to start this story from the most recent event. Yes, today [03-08-2020I received termination letter from the company for which I worked for the past 18.5 years. This termination comes as a surprise to me as I did not have any intimation from my company regarding my termination. After 18.5 years of service, I was issued a perfunctory termination letter.


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Online Monthly Members Meeting – August 2020

Invitation for members to join our online members meet for the month of August 2020

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Wipro forcing employees to go on Loss of Pay during the pandemic

Rishad Premji, Chairman of Wipro in his press release mentioned that Wipro has no plan to lay off any of its employees. If Wipro is forcing employees to go on LOP, is it not called as layoff? Why Wipro is acting against the announcement of its Chairman? Did Chairman tell a blatant lie in front of the media as the happening in the company contradict his statement?

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Kaun Banega “Severance”pati – CTS cheats employees in the name of Severance Package – Audio

The Human Resource Department of CTS is working hard to invent novel methods for terminating their employees.  The current one is in the name of a Severance package offer to MS rated employees. We have received an audio recording from one of the CTS employee who was offered such package.

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Does TOP IT Firms don’t have money to pay their employees

Corona virus spread is causing havoc in each and every sector of the industry. This causes various issues in information technology as well. Companies in IT sector made most of the employees to work from home and manage the client deliverables.

But in recent news, NASCOM, centralized association that represents IT companies requested Indian government to pay partial salary for the excess workforce. This allows IT companies to survive and if this is not done, companies will incur deep losses which create more crisis in the future. That is their argument.

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Press Release: “Cognizant, Stop illegal and unethical retrenchment against Employees”

All credits goes to the employees who worked overtime to ensure the continuity of business amid uncertain situations. But when all is well, the management of various IT companies have started to lay off their employees

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Unethical Labour Practice by Wipro

Azim Premji Bats for Worker Rights

While Azimji was busy with giving press release on the values of Labour laws and how he is shocked to know that various state governments are relaxing the labour laws against the welfare of workers, Wipro management was wallowing in the mire by forcing its employees to go on leave without pay.

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STOP the WAR on WORKERS – NDLF and fellow unions statement

For the BJP and its governments, the pandemic and its fallout is just the time to take it all out on the working class, to deny working people the slightest shred of democratic or economic rights. And this is so because, for the BJP, the only driver of growth and expansion in the economy can be capital

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Our version of Coronavirus – Arundhati Roy on Delhi violence

A democracy that is not governed by a Constitution and one whose institutions have all been hollowed out can only ever become a majoritarian state. You can agree or disagree with a Constitution as a whole or in part – but to act as though it does not exist as this government is doing is to completely dismantle democracy. Perhaps this is the aim. This is our version of the coronavirus. We are sick.

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TCS Employee Sexual Harassment case – Press Statement – 03 Feb 2020

Sexual harassment appeal case by TCS chennai employee – expecting the judgement soon

Joint press statement from all IT Employees’ Unions in Tamil Nadu

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Budget 2020 – Will it save IT Employees jobs?

IT employees are one of the large section employees who pay high taxes to the government. They also
bring a lot of foreign exchange for our country, by their hard work. So the government should consider
their pain and come forward to support them.

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IT Companies denies human rights – Layoff Killings

On the one hand, Companies do not comply with existing laws in order to fire their employees. At the same time, the selected employees are kept in a separate room and are forced to resign in a rowdy style

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