10 days that shook the world – The Mighty Russian Revolution

100 years ago this day, tyrants all over the world woke up to their worst nightmare (they still could not come to terms with what happened that day). But, billions of working people rejoiced and to this day celebrate the that event.

The creative power of working people is unleashed.

Yes, on November 7, 1917 the Russian people under the leadership of Bolshevik communists liberated themselves from Tzarist dictatorship, capitalist wage slavery, exploitation of farmers and enslavement of nationalities.

The revolution heralded a new era in world history. No longer can anyone in any country ignore the rights and claims of working class – the class which produces the food that feeds everyone, manufactures the wonders of modern technology and delivers services to the human race.

The Russian socialist revolution gave new energy to the struggle of oppressed nations like India and China fighting against capitalistic colonial rulers. The curse of capitalism, Nazi Germany, which swallowed European  continent and  threatened England was dealt a death blow by the Soviet people.

Under capitalism, technology and automation were not used to lessen work load for everyone, but to make thousands jobless, increase work load for the rest, augment the wealth of a tiny minority and further oppress the working class.

This vicious chain was broken by the mighty Russian revolution. No longer individual capitalists and capitalist as a class controlled factories, machines and technology.

Nazi Germany, was dealt a death blow by the Soviet people. (Soldiers raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag, 1945.)


the fruits of labour belongs to the working class collectively. Decisions are made with the interests of society in mind. The working class is not condemned to live in servitude to capitalist class.

The creative power of working people is unleashed; remarkable breakthroughs in medicine, space science and education are achieved. Education, Food, Housing, Health Care – the basic necessities for human life are guaranteed for all.

Still, the first great experiment by working class to organize itself as ruling class met with a temporary setback; the class that moves the world learns the lessons of that the setback and look to the future to create make again.

And, capitalism is already in its death bed.

Trump in US, Modi in India, Abe in Japan, Erdogen in Turkey and the likes exemplify the bankruptcy of capitalist world.

Mass shootings, endemic wars, corruption and misery of farmers and workers reveal in stark clarity that the capitalistic system is beyond its use by date.

It is our duty to put an end to that beast and usher in a truly democratic social system.

Due to rains in Chennai, the meeting scheduled to be held today in YMCA hall  (November 7, 2017) is postponed. New date will be announced soon.


Watch – October: Ten Days That Shook the World – Sergei M. Eisenstein

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