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“Unionize to Strengthen Democracy” – Shyam, IT Union President

I did not have any experience working with trade unions nor had any plan to join a union till before 2 months. Need forced many of us to search and find out about NDLF IT Employees Wing.

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United We Prevail – Join NDLF Video

“The Mighty or the Tiny”

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Stand with Farmer! – IT Employees Campaign to Save Farmers!

Can we resolve any of these issues by petitioning this state serving the corporates and regressive forces? Does any electoral political party oppose the policies of privatization-liberalization-globalization which is the root cause of this corporate plunder? Does any of them propose an alternative?

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Employees from leading IT Companies Take Union Positions!

This is indeed an important milestone in the efforts to organize the 4 million strong IT/ITES workforce in India. IT companies having pan Indian presence, it is important to organize employees all over India. Such efforts are underway in IT hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Pune, Kolkata and NCR.

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Hindi imposition pinches corporates now!

“In flights, few read Hindi papers and it will add cost and weight. Besides, in many parts of the country, Hindi is not read or spoken at all. This is like the EU requiring German newspapers on all EU flights”

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Clinical Trials – Corporate Crime against our People!

Even though the linked article talks about regulating clinical trials and ensuring safety of patients, it is impossible to regulate and control the greed of corporates, apathy of governments and helplessness of our people. We should demand a complete stop to clinical trials by private interests.

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Unify, Unite, Unionize – Video

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Private Education Scam Unwinds After Swindling Lakhs of Students

The government officials and vice-chancellors quoted in the article should explain to the students and parents how such “worthless” education providers, who “don’t have proper teaching staff” were allowed to start and operate colleges.

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Set Fire to Planet Earth, Hold Conference for More Profits : Capitalism

“Please wait, we are going to invent green industries in the future”

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Join NDLF to Foil Corporate Attack – Video

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Gujarat model of Development : Struggling Farmers Protest on the Streets

“whole of India should know that farmers of Gujarat have the capability to change those in power, 40 lakh farmers out of a total of 63 lakh in Gujarat were under debt.”

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Slogans from Bangalore IT Professionals

“You layoff ILLEGALLY…UNPROFESSiONALLy a first generation rural Kannada engineer ..Whose father sold his plot to work for you for slave wages”

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A Massive Global Crisis: 201 Million Can’t Find Work and Governments Aren’t Fixing It

Mohammed is not interested in migration. He is content in Morocco. When I ask him about the Moroccans who go to Europe, he smiles. ‘Europeans came to Morocco without a visa,’ he says.

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Gopikrishna DurgaPrasad Loses his Life to IT industry Hubris

“Have to find the company and arrest his managers, HR.” “Pathetic, dont know what govt we have, lives r precious n are ending like anything.”

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A Small Step for the Giant Leap – NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting

NDLF – IT Employees Wing is organizing IT Employees all over the country to take care of employees interests. Be part of this and help your colleagues, friends and yourself. NLF has over 20 years of experience fighting on behalf of workers against unfair labour practices.

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