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No Firing, CEO to Secretary Take Collective Action – Video

Great leaders would never sacrifice the people to save the numbers. They would sooner sacrifice the numbers to save the people.


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IT employees’ opinions on Appraisal system

This appraisal system inculcates in employees the disgusting quality of pure selfishness and total indifference to the happenings to others around us. That is why one is able to work for long hours like slaves.

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IT/ITES Union : Yes We Can – Posters

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Suit Boot Ki Sarkar Se Loot Scoot Ki Sarkar Tak – Memes

Memes by : Priya

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MNC Harasses Employee and Terminates Service Illegally

Ram continued to work in production, not understanding what is wrong with his work. The PIP months have been stressful. He was told that he would be retained if he performs better.


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Does onsite and High salary secure our Future?

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series IT Life

Let us closely examine the common mistakes IT employees do which push them to this bad situation.

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“Let Nirav Modis and Mallyas Manage Banks”

The problem is not the ownership structure of the banks. It is the private corporate control of economy. Corruption and scams are in the DNA of capitalism.

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NiMo’s 11.3K crore loot – Media and Modi government Making Fools of People

This is the state of digitization of banks when Modi government pulls the 120 crore population into Digital World.

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Join Hands with NDLF

🚩 They said IT Employees cannot have a union.        We got confirmation from TN Govt that IT/TES Employees have the right to form union. 🚩 They said IT Employees will not join a union.        We formed the executive committee and elected office bearers who are IT/ITES Employees. 🚩 They …

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NiMo’s 11.3K Cr Loot – want another “Surgical Strike” from NaMo

This entry is part 17 of 17 in the series Demonetization

Ask these Nirav Modi’s to come and stand in queue in front of banks to submit fresh documents and prove that they are legitimate business credits, as crores our country men did from November to December 2016.


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NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting February 2018 – Newsletter

  • Discussed the detailed insights on current Appraisal systems followed by various IT and BPO
    companies and impacts
  • Importance of Woman Safety at work place and challenges
  • Changes in TCS appraisal systems due to legal fight of NDLF union member
  • CCTV is facilitated at TRIL roads due to concern raised by NDLF union member

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Managers Can Help to Stop Attacks on Women Employees

Once again, a women IT employee who worked in graveyard shift (that ends at 1:00 – 3:00 AM) is brutally attacked, this time in Chennai on 13th February 2018, Wed. Our general secretary Sugendiran has written a detailed article on this incident in Tamil.


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Monthly Union Meeting – February 2018

Our monthly union meeting for Feb 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, 3 PM, February 17, 2018, at Perumbakkam. We request all the members & friends to participate.

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