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Join Union to secure our legal rights

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NDLF IT Employees Wing is formed by IT employees working in various IT/ITES companies including BPO industry. Everyone should come forward and join the union.

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“Reinstate her and pay back wages” – Labour court orders Rs 37 lakh compensation

Yes, it takes time to pursue a case. But however long you wait, unfair terminations fought under Industrial Disputes Act will lead to compensation to affected employee.


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Learn from Lenin : Corporates and Finance Capital

“Since monopoly prices are established, even temporarily, the motive cause of technical and, consequently, of all other progress disappears to a certain extent and, further, the economic possibility arises of deliberately retarding technical progress.”

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NDLF IT Employees Wing News Letter April 2018

1. Legal battles – Rights to Ask 2K – 2 Cases (1- TCS, 14 employees – Wipro) at Labour commission. Await failure notice in Wipro case. 2A – 7 Cases filed at Court against Mphasis (1), HCL (1) and Wipro (5) 2. Discussed Topics Discussed the detailed insights on Cauvery issue, Data leakage from Facebook …

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#NDLFCelebratesLenin – Posters


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Corporate Monopolies Poison Agriculture, Food, Health and Environment

despite the evidence, the corporate media in Britain is silent about pesticides, which partly results from the corporate sponsorship of the UK Science Media Centre; so any science against the corporations can be suppressed by interested parties

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Monthly Union Members Meeting April 2018


  1. Union Activities.
  2. Will Cauvery protest yield water?
  3. Facebook,  Aadhar – Bureau pulling thieves.
  4. Financial growth of IT industries in Year to year releases.

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Banwarilal Purohit, BJP’s Hindutva and Insult to Woman Journalist

Your gesture assumes significance in the wake of your name being mired in a controversy where a college faculty was talking to girl students luring them to do sexual favours where your name was dropped several times.

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“Ambedkar doesn’t need any honouring. What have you done for Dalits?”

The middle class is fundamentally anti-Dalit, even though it will resist this formulation. The litmus test is to ask yourself: ‘Do I support reservations?’ This will produce clarity, and of course the answer from the middle class will be ‘no’ (accompanied by a lesson on ‘merit’).

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April 14 : “What is wrong with Hindus is their religion” – Ambedkar

Make every man and woman free from the thraldom of the Shastras, cleanse their minds of the pernicious notions founded on the Shastras, and he or she will inter-dine and inter-marry, without your telling him or her to do so.

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BJP’s benami Police Atrocity – Comrade Kovan Arrest: Video

Police in full force to act on a BJP functionary’s complaint and arrest Revolutionary Singer Comrade Kovan. The people of the area resist tooth and nail. Shame on BJP, shame on TN government, Shame on Modi government

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Illegal layoffs by Lycatech and Plintron Global Technology

We call upon Lycatech employees to resist any pressure from management to obtain resignations illegally. Please contact NDLF IT Employees Wing for union and legal action.

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Corporate India Brought Modi to Power and Regrets Now

  • The big, rich guy’s biggest fear isn’t bankruptcy, but the police. As we noted earlier, none of them has been raided or prosecuted criminally yet. But, first Vijay Mallya and then the Nirav Modi-Mehul Choksi duo have given corporate India a foretaste of criminalisation of economic offences.

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Dhoni – Not a Cricketer, a Corrupt Corporate Stooge!

In CSK perspective, match fixing is done for making team to lose. If Dhoni don’t know that 3 of his players and his team management involved in illegal activities, then how can he be the captain?


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Modi’s Triple Achievements : Most Unemployed, Highest External Debt, Most Inequality

India’s external debt has cross half trillion dollar mark in December 2017,  India has become the country of the most unemployed in the world, Richest 1% Cornered 73% of Wealth Generated in India in 2017: Oxfam Survey

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