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Hindu terrorism becoming mainstream ideology!

“Dominant caste psyche without even a speck of guilt consciousness against caste oppression” forms an important foundation to the mentality of taking the atrocities against minorities as normal. However, the main background for the creation of this new situation is because the Brahminical Hindu religion has never been challenged ideologically in these states.

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Are we living in a patriarchal world?

Who is protected by Corporate organization?  Who needs to be really protected in real world?

Sexual offender or Victim.

Does union and social activists has to teach moral etiquette to be followed in a place with profit margin pressure and client satisfaction to build more surplus, attractive project margins etc?

There may be arguments from world of men and false feminism that women is wrong?

Working women have given way to alpha male. Is it true or a hyped statement?

What sort of an organization TCS is?

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