28000 additional slaves for TCS this year

TCS always hired in bulk numbers – in the year 2017 TCS hired ~20,000 grads while in the year 2016 they hired 35,000 grads and in the year 2015, they hired 40,000 grads.

In 2018 TCS is planning on hiring 28000 more grads from a pool of 2.7 lakh candidates from 1,800 engineering colleges; 50,000 were shortlisted for interview. Earlier, TCS hired new graduates from about 400 colleges through campus interviews.

Here the primary issue is the vast reserve army of unemployed engineers. TCS is able to choose 1 engineer from 10 candidates. The government policy of more and more private (for profit) engineering colleges led to feeding India’s youth to the IT companies at lower and lower salary. More graduates competing for jobs leads to lower salary for everyone.

Out of this year’s 28000 grad hires, TCS hopes to offer 1000 grads into its digital (whatever that is) business with starting pay of 6L/PA which is still significantly lower than minimum wage for a skilled IT employee – which is ~12L/pa.

Essentially, these grads have no option but to take whatever TCS offers, and so the employers takes leverage of the poor to their advantage, even though they can pay more, as there are no Govt policies minimum salaries for skilled.

What if the government planned to match supply with demand and TCS has only 30,000 applications for 28,000 posts? The company will be forced to pay higher salary (Rs 10 L per annum?).

What about the rest? They should have been provided opportunities in other fields.

In effect, GoI created conditions for the corporates to cheat thousands of crores of salary from engineering graduates (and make India poorer) for giving low cost service to western clients.

When an entry level skilled employee gets paid 3.3L/pa year since 2001 till date, it is essentially slavery. Please note that 3.3L back in 2001 is equivalent to ~12 L/pa in current day terms. You may refer :
TCS Makes India Poorer in Favour of Foreign Companies to learn how TCS is pushing India back into poverty year on year by paying the same amount of salaries. And that’s how the slavery starts and creeps up through the ladder to all levels of all IT organizations.

Here are some definitions of slavery based on Collin’s dictionary:

“A condition of submission to or domination by some influence”

“Work done in harsh conditions for low pay ”

“A civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his or her life, liberty, and fortune”

In 1650 white man came to India and made Indian slaves so he could prosper himself. This prevailed until IInd world war after which the white man left countries like India and went home.

In 1600s white man started buying people from Africa and building a nation which turned out to be USA. The situation prevailed until the likes of Abraham Lincoln stood up and changed the situation.

In 1950s white man stayed home and asked the slaves to stay back their homes but laid an internet cable between. The slavery changed from Version 1 to V3.0 but the slavery prevailed. People like Tatas, Premji and Narayanans helped the slavery and made significant riches for themselves by being the middlemen for online slavery.

– Prasanth

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