A Senior Infosys Employee Writes to Management

This message was shared by an Infosys employee. The person spoke at length over phone also sharing his anger and frustration at the company’s treatment of employees.

Employees who worked for several years in the organization are treated like disposable objects. This employee rues the fact that IT employees neglected to form Trade Unions for so long.

Now the awareness about the legal rights of employees is widespread. Employees in the IT sector started feeling as a class facing corporate exploitation, not as individuals outcompeting fellow employees.


Date: 02-Jun-2017

Senior Management/Leadership Team,
Infosys Limited,
Corporate and Head Office, Bangalore.

Respected Sr,

Subject: Seeking your immediate intervention and kind attention to protect innocent employees against speculated layoffs, forced resignations, termination’s and force fitting into bottom performance grades.

Recently there have been a lot of disruptive news around speculated layoffs, forced resignations and terminations at Infosys. Many employees are being force fitted into bottom performance assessment grades as “Can do better/Needs Improvement” without any valid data points. This is done just to create grounds for their forced resignations/layoffs, terminations in the name of bottom performance. These are the employees who have spent years of their lives towards serving large corporates like Infosys and its big clients. They helped towards growth and revenue building of the organization.

Even the founder of Infosys respected N.R. Narayana Murthy is standing by the employees and condemned all such actions. He suggested ways on how to handle dynamic business situations, budget constraints, people reskilling and avoid brutal headcount reduction at any cost. While Infosys foundation is spending millions in social welfare activities it is hard to imagine that these loyal employees and their families are dragged into a distress situation for mere cost cutting.

As per the latest annual financial report of Infosys, people in senior leadership has got huge salary hikes (upto 70%) while junior staff and middle management have been at the receiving end with huge cuts in their variable salaries (performance bonuses) and denial towards basic annual increments.

In terms of employee safety and security also this week there has been an unfortunate incident at Chennai where an employee (Ilayaraja) lost his life within Infosys campus. Early this year in Jan an innocent female employee Raseela Raju was inhumanly murdered at her workplace while she was called to do overtime for client work over a weekend.

All these situations create a hostile work environment wherein employees feel harassed and stressed with lot of negative anxiety, uncertainty of their lives and livelihood.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

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