A Small Step for the Giant Leap – NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting

Unionise, a message in Tamil by NDLF IT Employees Wing member.

A summary for those who don’t know Tamil – IT employees face forced resignations, long working hours, arbitrary appraisals. To face all these, unify, unite and unionise.

Solidarity is a must for working class and especially for IT employees who are facing their worst phase in their life with layoffs, terminations, forced resignations, appraisal suicides etc. This doesn’t stop with you but your family, friends are also affected.

NDLF – IT Employees Wing is organizing IT Employees all over the country to take care of employees interests. Be part of this and help your colleagues, friends and yourself. NDLF has over 20 years of experience fighting on behalf of workers against unfair labour practices.

Come and get all that your queries clarified legally as well.
It is a SMALL STEP but going to be a GIANT LEAP for the IT Employees.

1. Strengthening union of IT Employees
2. The plight of contract employees in IT sector
3. Stand with our Farmers

Discussion Meeting

Date : 15h July 2017, Saturday
Time : 4 pm to 7 pm
Venue : Perumbakkam

Poster and Message by : Keerthi

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    • nushan on July 24, 2017 at 8:58 am
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    There is government support for IT companies as government is unable to create new employment, it is literally begging IT companies.
    One should undersstand the inner meaning of business friendly governement. At times It simply means governemnt will not act on nasty practices of companies. To see the things in righ t perspective u can abserve no action is being taken on highly polluting industries that poison the environment and dump chemicals in lakes and nalas.

    Only by slective boycottof companies and widely publisizing the nasty practices and ensuring that reshers dont join these companies can help.
    Exposing them internationally can help as this will make the customes act as the image of company using slaveleabour will dent their market share overseas and they will start rethinking outsourcing to this type of companies.
    Just like Blood diamonds campaign one hsould lauch a dirve to educate society on the nasty methods of IT firms and how wipro and tata and mahinda products prices keep moving up every 3 months and they want to pay employees less and less.
    this will create awareness about the profiteering practices and society around may avoid using the products of these bad companies.

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