Abolish Contract System! Bury Capitalism! – Notice

Abolish Contract System!
Bury Capitalism!

Dear Workers,

THE CONTRACT LABOUR (REGULATION AND ABOLITION) ACT, 1970 stipulates that contract employees can be employed only in temporary or occassional jobs but not in regular jobs.

But what is the reality today?

Doctor or Pharmacist,
College Professor or Bus Driver,
Engineer or Machine Operator,
Data Entry Operator or Software Programmer

all are hired on contract basis, not only in private sector but also in public sector.

Contractualization is boosted up by destroying the livelihoods of crores of farmers, small traders, weavers and fishermen, adding them to the reserve army of labour. Self-reliance of our economy is sacrificed to assure fat returns to multinationals and broker capitalists like Ambani, Adani and others. Government is amending the laws in favour of contractualization.

Capitalists treat the law enacted to regulate and abolish contract system as toilet paper. No contractor or capitalist has been punished for violations of law or large scale killings of workers in accidents. The courts in general have ruled in favour of contract system. By ignoring violations in contract system, courts, in effect, have legalized the contractualized exploitation of working class.

While fighting for job regularization, equal pay, safety in work place and other interim demands, we should break free from the confines of legal struggles and organize ourselves as a strong trade union. Only by overthrowing the government of capitalists for capitalists and establishing a government of workers for workers we can find a lasting solution to our problems. Only a union with a revolutionary program can lead us in this path.

The claim that contract employees can not form trade union is nonsense. We asserted the right to form union for IT employees, shattering the dreams of capitalists. We can unionize contract employees as well and put an end to the wage slavery that has encircled us.

On this basis, four all India level trade union organizations have joined hands to raise our voice against issues facing contract workers. As the first step, we have decided to form All India Contract Worker Unions Confederation and conduct a Conference and Public Meeting in Chennai. We invite all workers to join these events in great numbers.

Unionize and abolish contract slavery!
Make all jobs regular!
Refuse to work beyond 8 hours!
Resolve to get equal pay for equal work!
Fight for total safety in work!
Abolish capitalistic terrorism of lay-offs and hunger!



28.01.2018 9.30 am
Madras Kerala Samajam, Opp Nehru Park,
Periyar E.V.R High Road, Chennai.

Inauguration Address : Com Vanjinathan, State Coordinator, PRPC
We had announced that Justice D Hariparanthaman (Retd), Madras Highcourt will deliver the inauguration address. Due to unavoidable circumstances he is not able to attend the event and hence, Com Vanjinathan will deliver the inauguration address)


Regularisation of jobs
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Safety in Work Place
Forming Trade Union

Representatives of
New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF)
Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
New Trade Union Intiative (NTUI)
All Eastern Coal Ltd., Contract Workers & Emp. Union (All ECLCWEU) will participate

Public Meeting

28.01.2018 6 pm
Near Avadi Municipal Office

Presided By : Com. A. Mukundan, President, NDLF

Speakers :
Com. P Vijayakumar, Treasurer, NDLF
Com. Pradeep, General Secretary, IFTU
Com. Goutam Modi, General Secretary, NTUI
Com. Somnath Chatterjee, General Secretary, All ECLCWEU

Vote of Thanks
Com. Mugilan, District Secretary, NDLF, Thiruvallur (W)

Cultural Program during Convention & Public Meeting
Revolutionary Singer Kovan (PALA, Tamil Nadu) and “Arunodhaya” of Telangana

New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF)
Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
New Trade Union Intiative (NTUI)
All Eastern Coal Ltd., Contract Workers & Emp. Union (All ECLCWEU)

Contact : Com. A Mukundan, 110/63, N.S.K Salai, Chennai, 600 024 Mob : 9444442374
Email : puthiyathozhilali@gmail.com

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