Apply Leave for Client Holidays – Legal or Violation? Challenge to Your Knowledge

NDLF Challenge to IT employees to test their legal Knowledge

Holiday Shutdown Process communication:

There is a group announcement in a leading IT Company about Holiday Shutdown for Christmas and Thanks Giving day in USA. We are not publishing the company name as this announcement is common in many IT Companies.

As per this announcement, employees in India working on support roles, contractor roles, non-billable roles and employees in free pool should apply for leave between Dec 25th – Dec 30th. System will automatically apply leave for this period.

If people are in Europe or US location, all employees should apply leave for both Thanks Giving (US only) and Christmas (Most of foreign locations except Middle East)

As part of NDLF, we are constantly educating IT employees to create awareness about labor laws. The above announcement violates various laws and it is a cake walk case if anyone takes up legal fight against companies for these actions

We request all IT employees to add your comments on the following:

  1. Did you receive any such mail in your company now or in the past?
  2. What legal violations you have noticed in such announcement?

You can hide your name while posting your comments. Please add comments so that we can also cross check how legal awareness has spread among IT employees.

We will publish a separate article in detail about the various legal violations company did and how it affects employees in exactly 1 week time.

If you want some clues or guides to the legal points read “IT Employees Life – Fun or Problems” book. For details.

Locations to pick up “IT Employees Life – Fun or Problems?”

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