IT employees’ opinions on Appraisal system

What do the IT employees think about appraisal system?

During the last monthly union meeting (Feb 17) we discussed about the appraisal system. The points raised by members present and a speech on this topic made by the union secretary are given below.


  • Companies claim that they have some parameters and that they evaluate the employees based on them. The employees have to blindly accept the discrepancies in the evaluation without any murmur.
  • Though it is claimed to be for the progress of the employees, it has been engineered to serve the interest of the management.
  • In BPO, they don’t need appraisal rating to fire employees. They don’t need any excuse to do so. They torture you with PIP after appraisal. Only a few are given good rating and the remaining majority is given low rating.
  • This is our lot. We have no other go.
  • In each project, they groom a few employees as spies who would report the goings-on in the team and manager would decide the rating based on these inputs.
  • We can try to bring some changes in the appraisal system instead of asking for its total abolition. When we take up such issues, companies do bring some changes even though they don’t negotiate with us.
  • In TCS, the management has instructed to not give D band to anyone. Employees who generally give more value to the band did not mind lower hike. B and C bands have been given lesser hike.
  • The companies don’t consider the difficulties in the personal life of the employees while doing the appraisal. They are only after profit.
  • They make the employees work as bonded labourers with the help of appraisal. They are trying to implement the hire & fire policy of US here. If they succeed, they can fire us any time without us being able to object. This is very dangerous.
  • They are using this appraisal to mentally cripple the employees and there by treat them as slaves.
  • An employee of TCS said, I was recruited for BPS, but I am made to work in IT just like other IT guys. But, one has to write an exam to get promotion. No information is given on questions and exam pattern. They won’t release the results but will hurt you by denying the hike.

Speech by Sugendran, Secretary of NDLF IT Employees Wing

The financial year is ending in the coming month. That is when we will know who got what rating and how many are getting laid-off. This issue will then be the talk of the town. We have seen already how they use the sham and unscientific appraisal ststen. We are going to witness this again.

Each year 12 lakh engineering graduates and 60 lakh non-engineering graduates join the labour market, but only a few lakh jobs are available in organized sector including less than 2 lakhs in IT/ITES.

Just few days before, we saw that around 21 lakh persons were competing for 9351 vacancies in TNPSC. World Bank itself has cautioned that the job creation in India is in bad condition. Getting a job has become such a miracle.

You get a job in IT in spite of all such hurdles. But, once you are in the job, you can’t heave a sigh of relief. The axe of appraisal hangs over your head.

‘I tell this to all recent hires. Good enough is neither good nor enough.’

IT employees work day and night to somehow get high rating. They compete with fellow employees by working 10 to 12 hours. Notwithstanding such work for long hours, they are finally disappointed with low rating because of curve fitting.

When appraisal discussion is over we would be angry at the manager. We would think that it is manager who has been partial based on caste, religion, language, etc. But, is it true? Is manager alone the culprit?

We think that the appraisal starts from us, becomes band and used for hike. But it is not correct. At the beginning of appraisal cycle itself, they decide on the amount of hike and how many to fire. Based on that they decide the rating to each one, their band and who are all to be axed.

Manager would recount old stories, magnify them to epic proportions, snub you or pacify you and make you accept the rating thus decided.

Last year a financial investment company named Eliot Capital acquired 4% share in CTS for around $1500 crore. Then it demanded CTS to raise its operating margin from 18.5% to 21%. CTS was, thereby forced it to fire thousands of its employees using forced resignations. We can understand from this that the managers are implementing the decisions of the management based on the dictats of the investors.

How do they convert the rating to band is a secret. Only top level managers know it.

We can deduct from the following points that the appraisal is hoax and unscientific:

  1. If all employees of a project work well, can this appraisal system allow high rating to all? The answer is “No”. Therefore the appraisal system is unscientific.
  2. If a project does not give good profit, the employees will be snubbed with low rating however well they have performed. If the appraisal system changes depending on the project how can we accept it to be a scientific method for evaluating employees.
  3. Each year, during one-to-one discussion for appraisal, the first question they ask is ‘have you got any course certification?’ We spend the whole day in work and commute. We have in addition issues of family, health, etc. How can one find time for doing ‘course’ out of all these? If one is married, more family issues add up. How is it right to judge bachelors and married ones alike?

  1. Women employees have their own special needs like maternity, household chores, child care, etc. It is wrong to appraise them along with others.
  2. How is it correct to appraise an employee with long service in the company, long experience and aged on par with junior employees?
  3. Last year you might have resolved 100 tickets and got a high rating. This year if you have done the same number of tickets, you would get only low rating. So, how can this system that considers only the profit to the company and ignores the well-being of the employee be just?
  4. Even if one is good performer, one can be put in bench for some time and then appraised as underperformer. That is why this appraisal system is a hoax.

They have devised manifold ratings like outstanding, exceeding expectation, meeting expectation etc. You need to fulfil a lot of criteria to even get the lowest rating. If you want to get the highest rating year after year, you should forget your family, personal health, pleasures and sorrows of life and sacrifice each minute of your life to the company and live a life of slavery.

This appraisal system inculcates in employees the disgusting quality of pure selfishness and total indifference to the happenings to others around us. That is why one is able to work for long hours like slaves. The management sees to that the employees do not realize this enslavement. They have made us forget ‘us’ and worry only about ‘me’. The appraisal is one of the tools they use for this purpose. When they fire you on one bad day, you will be alone with none to console you.

That is why Verizon could recently evict some of its employees illegally using bouncers and there was no significant protest among IT employees. Only few employees who are unionized could register their protest. The companies that want us to be lone individuals are unionized among themselves in the name of NASSCOM, FICCI, etc. They scheme together and keep salaries low, lay off employees, etc.

In such scenario, we need to unionize in order to safeguard our rights and to ensure our job security. Let us abolish the appraisal system that divides us from one another.

Compiled By: Sugendran
Translation: Nesan

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    • Pandi on February 26, 2018 at 10:04 pm
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    IT will not unite easily bcz they have enough money… But few people suffered more who are affected layoff.. May be long duration then possible to crap appraisal… Article says few facts

    • gokul on March 1, 2018 at 2:10 am
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    So many employees will be laid off before bring the change in appraisal system too sad on corporate

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