Are we living in a patriarchal world?

If no, Please scroll for the below incidents and decide

Who is protected by Corporate organization?  Who needs to be really protected in real world?

Sexual offender or Victim.

Does union and social activists has to teach moral etiquette to be followed in a place with profit margin pressure and client satisfaction to build more surplus, attractive project margins etc?

There may be arguments from world of men and false feminism that women is wrong?

Working women have given way to alpha male. Is it true or a hyped statement?

What sort of an organization TCS is?

1 lakh, and counting: TCS is now top employer of women -women workforce at 36%

TCS relies on the skills of its rich talent pool of more than 424,000 employees – 36 percent of whom are women – to deliver innovative digital transformation solutions for global customers

TCS has showed that it is a place where women can climb in their careers with self respect and dignity. Is it so ?

Is Tcs the only organization which is doing this?

Let’s  did the past with present situation to build a better future for our daughters and sisters.

Two probabilities can be explored based on this complaint and allegation made by women against organization.

It can be rightly called as crime against women as per ncrb statistics.

Incident 1 and questions to management

Victim has been called for appraisal during late hours by 7pm in an unplanned manner by supervisor.

Is organization has  never planned for appraisal meeting which is the life and career of every employee?


Demand Detailed Description
Forcing employees to work beyond 8 hours to be stopped Enforce 8 hours working day and a maximum of 45 hours work week. Overtime, night work, week end work should be properly tracked and compensated as per over time rules. Employees working beyond 8 hours which needs to recorded in the system for the reason behind extended hours whether irrespective of volunteer or demand from the company


Is organization pressures managers in similar fashion to complete appraisal by giving proper reminders on timely fashion?

Is Managers never look for concurrence of employee for appraisal discussion on late hours?

Is the entire project team working until late hours or is it a planned discussion for coersion?

Is it a regular habit of Manager to discuss late hours with candidates?

Is it a normal occurence in UK telecom client location for 4 hours discussion?

After shreya ukil case vs wipro management Uk,  are  Indian It managers unaware of events of women harassment

Incident 2: Biased forums in corporates while hearing disputes

When the harassment is reported to Supervisors and forums, What is the action taken ?

Retaliation or Justice to be provided

Why Employers are not calling for records of CCTV footages and Swipe in and outs ?

When it’s a clear and shut case, Why blunt reasons are identified to highlight Victims plight to victimize by long running delayed protocols of women harassment committe?

Is Vishaka Panel committee guidelines followed in this regard?

Is UK Client location a breeding place for sexual harassment ?

Do we need to name the client for places which are unsafe to women employees?

Are UK client encouraging Women employees to stay late hours since they are contractors?

It is to be heard that contractors are not coming under UK unions.

As per VCicrcle article by Maulik Vyas, India’s 50 largest companies by market valuation have reported a 10.3% rise in the number of sexual harassment complaints filed by women for the year through March 2017, with information technology firms and banks topping the list.

The companies, part of the National Stock Exchange’s benchmark Nifty index, reported a total of 579 cases for 2016-17 compared with 525 the year before, according to data compiled from their annual reports. Of the 50 companies, 34 reported at least one case while 14 reported no case. State-run Bank of Baroda and Coal India Ltd didn’t specify any case during the year.

Wipro, India’s third-largest software services exporter, was on the top of the list with 116 reported cases.

Why India Unsafe for women ?

Reason 1

Among 3.2 crore case litigation backlog, How can women get quick Justice with less allocated budget to judiciary

Reason 2

Indian Judiciary Is 90% Male & Mostly Upper Caste

Only 10.4% Women Judges
The Supreme Court has only one female judge.

Reason 3

No property rights for women.
94% Majority jobs in India are unorganized labour.

Reason 4

Dysfunctional self centered Feminists and Mens rights activists in India


Why Diversity in the Judiciary Matters?

To prevent such incidents in future and to build better work environment, What is needed for Women employees across India ?


Demand Detailed Description Why its Demand
Forcing employees to work beyond 8 hours to be stopped Enforce 8 hours working day and a maximum of 45 hours work week. Overtime, night work, week end work should be properly tracked and compensated as per over time rules. Employees working beyond 8 hours which needs to recorded in the system for the reason behind extended hours whether irresecptive of volunteeer or demand from the company
Woman Safety : #1
Internal audit/counselling for late leaving woman associates
Audit and counselling is mandatory all working woman who are continously extent their work time after 8PM for two to four weeks of period along with her immediate supervisor.  This audit with respect to psychology reason behind extended support and leaving late, safety precautions and transport facilities. The minutes of this discussion should be recorded in the system on transparent access/view to employee, Supervisor ,HR and Union (need basis).  If associate needs Union reprsentaion which should accepted by HR and Employer, must invited for audit/counselling Most of the woman employees are forced to leave late due to work and delivery preasure in unplanned way. Through this initiative, open discussion with woman employee, HR and supervisor might and much helpful to avoid such late night stay/leaving and conclude among themself on mutual solution
Woman Safety: #2
Self safety training/session  for  woman associates
Complete list of regularly late night leaving woman associates details should be maintained On every quarter/half yeaf self safety training/session should be conducted for all the woman associates This enable the friendly relationship between working woman employees and police department and they can speak up on their issues in workplace, transportation on confident. As well police department can treat this to opportunitity to spread safety awareness
Woman Safety: #2
24X7 Help line for woman associates to address the issues
24×7 Help line for women working in corporate companies to address the issues and counselling. Complaint raised through this help line treated as priority and immediate action/solution to be provided. All the reported issues and respective solution through this helpline shlould be audited by Ombudsman and National Woman Council represntative. Every 6 months improvision steps/ideas needs to be implemented based on received complaints. Transparent way of reporting issues on immediate and seeking support & solution,. Audit of Ombudsman and National Woman Council is mandated which is not exist in current grivences system of organisation
Transparent Rating, eligibility criteria for promotion & onsite opportunity Discrimination on age, caste, community, gender, technology should be strictly prohibited. Opportunities and Promotion should only be based on experience and performance. Most of the time, promotion and onsite opportunities are meant for best buddies of the manager. Let the eligibility criteria be transparent so that the employee he/she themselves know whether they are eligible. Let the criteria be the same throughout the industry.
Rating –   Goal setting should happen with the consent of the employee and Set a transparent criteria to decide on the eligibility of employee for rating. Example, even if the employee (he/she) has a billing for at least on quarter in a year, they are eligible for rating. Employees who worked less than one quarter can be marked as “not rated” instead of giving bad rating.
Discrimination starts in the resume itself. There is no need to ask/provide marital status in the resume or during interview. During interview, get the willingness of the employee to work for your requirement and project expectations. Do not prejudge that married women/new mothers will take more leaves; they cannot work in shifts, they cannot give 100% productivity, they will go on maternity etc etc., Instead, let the interviewee/employee know the expectation and get their willingness
Employee are allowed to access on their own datas. Employees are allowed to access below listed data in the system, which will enable the transparent maintance of records
1. TOFA (Time on Floor Access & Time)
2. Status on Promotion initiation
3. HR and Supervisor feedback from 1-1 connect, Skip Level meeting and any grievences
Feedback and redressal forum Skip level meeting : Bi-annually it is must to conduct skip level meeting with every employee to provide a space to share their feedback and grievances of an immediate supervisor or manager, infrastructure or anything that is related to ethical work culture. Thereby we are providing space for an employee to share any discomforts/ unethical behavior of anyone in the work area. Skip level meeting should be conducted for all levels of employees in the organization.
Union involvement in all the employee disputes Union respresentative should be called and discussed and opinions are considered in all the employees disputes such as appraisal,performance promotion, harassment,layoff,termination and etc with employer in respective company branch. The minutes should be recorded and communicated widerly between the office bearer of union and employer. In case if employer is not comforable on union demands on employee disputes/organisation policy change then Triparty meeting should be arranged between Union representative, State Labor department representative and Employer Currently all the Employee disputed handed in meeting room between Employee and HR as the representaive of Employer. As there is no place of Third eye/view all the decison are taken in the meeting room mostly we observed its bias on the side of Employer. To ensure the mutual acceptance of solution , Union representative is mandated to ensure the ethical process are followed at work place



Incident 3: Good performance records and Twisting of Facts in Appraisal

NDLF has already shared articles on appraisal data’s inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

Performance reviews hardly impact pay raises, bonuses, or promotions, because management always places wage negotiation in the context of overall company performance. So you could be a great employee blowing the doors off your goals, but if the company overall is not doing well, your bonus/raise/promotion may suffer or get delayed. That is, we perform together as teams, but are rated as individuals, which is meaningless.

People and politics of individualism are not the only forces which negate the positive potential of performance appraisal system. Pay is primarily determined by market forces, and individual hikes are decided by the boss, and boss’s boss, largely influenced by corporate budget. Performance review is simply a place where boss comes up with a story to justify the pre-decided pay. If raise is lower than what subordinate expects, boss will say, “We can work to get it higher in future, and here are things you need to do to get to that level.”

Generally, IT/ITES companies ask employees to leave:

  1. Based on ratings provided by appraisal
  2. Based on compliance issues
  3. No reason and simply asking employee to leave


In this case, Appraisal has motivated Appraisee to do resignation twice.

Appraisal data points are edited as per convenience of Appraiser and appreciation is ignored with the discretionary powers of Appraiser.

But what is the role of Reviewer here ?

Is Reviewer doing robot role in approving all the actions of appraiser as postman?

Is reviewer role a hidden role in its reality ?

Is data points of appraisal against each goals has been reviewed by reviewer properly in this case?

In similar terms, We would like to highlight 2 person who spoken negative about Indian IT employees without any rationale.

One is Infosys Co-Founder Mohandas Pai andOther is CTS Ex-President Raj Mehta

India has 10 crore people in the 21-35 age category with bad skills: Mohandas Pai

Because of the failure of the UPA era (2004-2014), we will add another ten crore by 2025…total 20 crore in the 21-45 age group with low skills, low education.” – Mohandas Pai

Mr Mohan das Pai,

Have you ever seen IT dreams in the eyes of Middle class IT employees ?

Few words and actions are causing more pain to the IT people dreams.

Is your ex-colleague Mr Phaneesh Murthy with scandal name arised out of good skill ?

Is your ex-colleague Mr Nandan Nilkani skilled enough to deliver Aadhar project without Brainstorming/understanding People’s real issues and court interference?

Is your ex-colleague Mr Narayan Murthy skilled enough to move Vishal Sikka out of infosys in the name of Panaya deal ?

Is Panaya deal allegation, a skill or a politics ?

Why CSR funds of approx 15000 crores are not audited 99.9% ?

Is Mr Mohandas Pai association with scandalous Nithyananda, a good one ?

Importantly what is your skillset , Mr ELITE Mohandas Pai?

On other note,

in August 2018, Mr. Raj Mehta, President of Cognizant Technology issued a statement that

We want to weed out the deadwood higher up in the pyramid so that juniors can grow”.

He also stated that “This one is really targeted towards the senior end of the pyramid. It is not voluntary, this is more involuntary. We are trying to cleanup the higher end of the pyramid and allow our associates to grow ”.

The number of senior employees targeted is 200 as per the company spokesperson as reported by Economic Times on August 3, 2018.

This statement of Mr. Raj Mehta is spread in media with the ill intention of making majority of employees to fear that hire and fire is legal. Human resource officers hold individual meetings with employees and force them to submit self-resignation. Some of the employees fall prey to the above mentioned management tactics and submit self-resignation with this deadwood statement in open media in mind.

More than 2,000 employees have been forced out of the company in this manner including many of your senior employees with the designation band of SD+ to SM levels to resign, despite these workers having rendered continuous service for long years. These layoffs/forced resignations/terminations are projected by your company as that of employees voluntarily leaving the company as if they want to throw away an annual salary around Rs 10 lakh and give up their standard of living.

Retrenchment of 200 employees is later confirmed by Economic Times vide report dated 11 Oct 2018. The actual number of employees sent out by this management tactics is many times the count of 200 projected to outside world. The data is said to be 20% attrition in quarter ended in June 2018. As per newspaper report on Oct 31, 2018, attrition is still higher at 22% in quarter ending September. The CFO quoted voluntary attrition and shortage of talent as reason for this attrition.

We already brought this issue to your attention vide letter dated October 15, 2018. However, you have not issued any clarification about your statement and the forced resignations/terminations/layoffs continue in Cognizant Technology Solutions

Mr. Raj Mehta made this statement with the ill intention that the sacked employees should not get a job anywhere in the world, as everyone knows that such statements from the President of a company carry weight with all future employers.

In reality, even as the company’s turnover and profits keep growing every quarter, employees are sacked from their jobs, their life is ruined, they are not able to pay their home loan EMI and forced to leave their homes, their children are thrown out of school for not paying fees, their families including elderly parents are left without medical care.

The workers engaged in your company work beyond the limit of nominal working hours without spending time with their family considering the organization and its profit. Instead of appreciating the efforts of the employees who made all these possible, Mr. Raj Mehta, the President of the organization made their efforts vain, degraded their value, morals and endangered their livelihood. The said statement is arbitrary, biased and unfair which is against the law of the land.

Incident 4

Victim has been subjected to mental harassment in a systematic manner by organization.

In one sentence to organization, It is not the right away to handle the victim.

We have seen a case of Ganta chaitanya suicide in Bangalore for DXC resignation threat.

Also we have seen many suicides and deaths in IT industry,

There are 8000 suicides in IT industry in last 4 years as per survey published by Tamil magazine Vikatan and primary reason for these suicides will be job loss. We see many employees are taking extreme decision but still not ready to take up fight against the management. This gives the management to plan more and more layoffs and we see many recent news in CTS, Oracle, IBM about the management decision on doing layoff in their companies. Definitely these suicides are not going to stop these layoffs as management will easily put the blame on employee mindset and continue layoff with other employees

Change will not happen in single day and more and more people taking the fight against the companies only will make the situation change.

As part of NDLF union, we request employees on not taking extreme decisions and approach us for any help.

As of now , we came to know that the Case has reached a new height

The Kanchipuram Labour Court has admitted an appeal against the findings of a Internal Complaints Committee, constituted in TCS to enquiry into a sexual harassment complaint. It is probably the first such case being heard under Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, 2014(POSH Act).

Even after suicide capital tag of India with IT profession at high risk of suicide rate and statistics of natural/Unnatural deaths in IT industry. a top IT company like TCS has failed to work on the Women employee welfare after reactive complaint from the affected person.

It’s a painful feeling to highlight that the organization has to invest their time and money to identify the flaws made in the case.

Mahabharatha and Ramayana are not an unknown epic to all IT top Management.persons in India.

Big demolition and Nuclear reaction of war sequences were caused from the root cause of Pain of Panjali and Sita in each epic.

IT companies, Beware ..

Employees are not dolls but humans with emotions and empathy is clearly missing in the case facts.

Its time to set up Vishaka Panel and to pave way for Women empowerment in Reality than in paper


Source Appendix

Words of Press release by FITE.

[1] The victim’s name wouldn’t not be revealed in this article. We possess proof of this complaint.

[2] Complainant has supporting mails for each of these points.

[3] Transcripts of the depositions and the ICC reports have several gaps.

[4] ICC had admitted that the report was “corrected” and a copy was given to respondent in writing.


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