Are Women Easy Targets in Illegal IT Layoffs?

Emails from 3 female employees about how they were treated by HR and management. Even though male employees also face similar or worse treatments, women do face additional discrimination for various reasons in IT companies. This is just a sample of what is happening in these companies.

We need to get together urgently and put a stop to these kind of indecent, cruel and unprofessional treatment of employees by IT companies.

1. Wipro destroyed my IT career

We request you kindly let others know about illegal policy of Wipro.

I badly suffered in Wipro within 2 months of joining and they forced me to exit Wipro without acceptance of my rating consent.

Wipro has destroyed my complete IT career.

2. An experience typical of thousands of Cognizant employees


I’m working as a SA in Cognizant, [removed] from last three years with around 11 years of IT experience. In this year’s appraisal, I have been given MS rating and now HR is asking me to resign from the organization. Even though it is called a performance appraisal, it wasn’t so. Whatever reasons they have mentioned are invalid.

My manager is saying that he was unaware about my rating, and this was not the rating he has given me, rather he wanted to nominate me for manager role training.

HR has given two options –
1. 4 months salary with immediate resignation or
2. 2 months notice period, without coming to office.

I told them, I need time to decide. Last week, I had a talk with them and said I can’t resign now.

They said that they will come back with the final statement. I’m not ready to resign unless I get an offer outside. Kindly include this also, in the upcoming meeting with labor commission.

I’m basically from [removed], so have some technical difficulties in coming to Chennai and attending the meeting. But I’m offering all kinds of help from my side in making this effort a success.


3.  “what they have done to me is not really good”


[removed details of employment]

I have been working in Wipro since 4.10 years. I have joined as a WASEian. Presently, I am working as a Tester. In the recent Q4 appraisal they have given UnSatisfactory (which applies to my whole annual appraisal) giving filthy comments as lagging in efforts, Communication skills are not good, need to focus on trends etc.

There are times where I extended my time to complete the extra work they asked me to complete within the time limits.

My L1 supervisor has overridden the comments of my Additional Supervisor with whom I actually work. He said he gave HVC. However, My L1 Supervisor has just replaced all the star ratings and comments he provided. Later my L1 supervisor said that she has done this to me because there are compulsions from higher level management. That’s the reason she has given me unsatisfactory rating.

I don’t know when I will get a call or official mail from my HR to quit the company. Some how I am trying to prepare for interviews outside.

But what they have done to me is not really good. They did everything to save there buttering people to be in safe zone who are all not even worth it.

Let me know if you need any further details on this.


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