Asked to Resign by HR? : Senior Wipro Employee on How to Handle It!

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This communication received from the Senior Wipro Employee talks about how to handle MCE rating, Project allocation Issues, HR threats and Forced Resignations.


“don’t get emotional if HR or your manager asks you to leave the company”

Unity of employees is needed not only to face Layoff issue, but also to address all work related concerns inside the company. Employees should have a collective say on Working Hours, Appraisal System, Training Programs and other issues directing affecting employee welfare.

Form a union!

Senior Wipro Employee posts details on how you need to handle situation when you are asked to leave

In the current situation, company can ask any employee to leave due to various reasons. This can happen to anyone and don’t get emotional if HR or your manager asks you to leave the company. The below are the list of things people has to do if they are asked to leave

  1. Don’t be emotional if you are asked to leave. Don’t complain about HRs, L1 manager, L2 managers as part of your discussion. Please understand here the decision is coming from top and managers and HRs are wearing hats as defined by the management. So blaming them, complaining about them, showing your frustration against them will not help any way.
  2. Stick to your points which justify against the ratings given. If HR or L1 manager asks you to submit resignation, politely refuse to resign.
  3. Keep sending mails to all people involved after every meeting related to appraisal/separation. Mention clearly in the mail about your contributions, that you are not satisfied with ratings provided, that HR asked to submit resignation and your refusal to submit resignation. Document all discussions whenever it happen by sending mails.
  4. Don’t ever submit your resignation. If HR threatens that you will be terminated and this will affect your career, document that in mail and send it back to HR stating that he/she asked you to resign and if you are not resigning, you will be terminated and in such case, you will not get job. Mention in that mail that as per learning experience you got from Wipro, this is not correct and I will not submit by resignation
  5. By any chance, if you already submitted resignation, immediately send mail to all parties about the details of discussion and you have submitted resignation only due to pressure and send mail that you are revoking resignation and consider this mail as proof for your request on revoking resignation. Do this immediately
  6. Do not mention anything about labour laws or you are going to fight legally in any of your discussion. We need to first fight internally exploring all possible steps before taking the fight outside.
  7. Do not talk anything on severance package offer with the company.
  8. Explore all options for fighting against your case by raising with ombuds, having multiple discussion with HR/L1/Managers. Document all happenings and send it as mail to all concerned people when such meetings happen. Don’t submit your resignation even you are threatened.
  9. If HR blocks your profile and apply NSTAR lock, you apply for all relevant jobs and keep this as proof. Just send mail to HR that your profile is blocked and ask his help to revoke this. Keep this as proof when any question raises later for reason for you on bench for longer time
  10. Be very careful on integrity factors. For example : Ensure you log 9.5 hours and 8.75 hours in the ODC.
  11. In the meantime, start applying for new jobs and if you find better job, resign and leave the company.
  12. Do not make a lot of complaints against the company and only stick to points about layoff concerns when you are talking to media. Keep in mind that we got our bread and butter from the company and layoff is part of IT life. We need to work to overcome this situation and emotions will not help in any way.

In the meantime, try to form larger group with help of NDLF joining all affected people within Wipro. Submit your concerns to labour department when larger group is formed.

I just want to clarify few more points from company side.

  1. As far as I know, I did not hear any case where employee is terminated other than disciplinary issues like theft, sexual harassments, fake in claims etc. So company will not terminate you and definitely after this issue becomes sensational, chances of termination is very remote
  2. If company terminates on worst scenario, we can go strong against the company in labour department and in courts. Labour laws are favorable for employees in most cases. These steps are time consuming but chances of win is almost 99%
  3. Company also don’t want to have many legal cases against them. They are very well aware if many employees go against them, it affects their reputation among current employees, clients and in government sector. So company will not terminate employee for performance reason.
  4. If company has policy on separation, it is not final and it should abide with local laws. In some situations, this policy will back fire the companies. If Wipro added policy on May 10th claiming the company reserves right for separating employee with just single MCE, it does not mean Wipro is legally entitled to do that. If companies can formulate their own rules, then there is no need for legal system in the country. So understand that these policies are added just to threaten the employees.

Meme by : Chenai Citizen

I just add Wipro spokesperson comments in various articles on layoff

ARTICLE FROM Moneycontrol on Wipro policy change:

In response to a questionnaire on the change in policy to Moneycontrol, Wipro said: “Wipro’s transparent and robust performance appraisal system offers multiple opportunities to employees to improve their performance along with regular quarterly feedback.  Also, the appraisal rating process includes reviews by the manager, followed by the manager’s supervisor. They look at the output for all four quarters to arrive at the final rating of the employee. The annual appraisal process including the finalisation of merit salary increases extends from April to June.”

So if employee has 3 quarterly appraisals as HVC, it is evident as per the above statement, this policy is not applicable

ARTICLE FROM Moneycontrol on why Wipro is asking employees to resign instead of terminating them:

When asked why the company was asking employees to resign rather than asking them to go if performance was an issue, the company’s response was: “Wipro undertakes a rigorous performance appraisal process on a regular basis to align its workforce with business objectives, strategic priorities of the organization and requirements of our clients. This systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process triggers a series of actions such as mentoring, retraining and upskilling. Regular feedback and multiple opportunities are provided for improving performance. The performance appraisal may also lead to separation of some employees from the company and these numbers vary from year to year.”

So as per the above article, we can ask for proof on what steps Wipro takes to improve your performance. If there is no PIP initiated, then Wipro cannot able to ask you leave

All the IT Companies including CTS, Wipro and NASCOM are claiming that there is no layoffs or terminations in their companies. So keep this point clear that companies will terminate you only as a last option and they cannot terminate employees in bulk. So it is your mental strength on how you react to this situation and if you have this quality, you will definitely be not affected by LAYOFFS

Please send this to all IT friends as we can achieve only if awareness is created to larger group and understand layoffs can happen for anyone/any time.

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    • jambn on June 26, 2017 at 9:05 am
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    The companies like Techmahindra have adopted a practice of blocking LAN ID and preveting access to email and internalsystem before asking resignation.

    • Akshan on February 7, 2018 at 10:17 am
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    Hello Friend – thanks for this steps with this steps I’m now currently standing strong on my end to not resign. But I don’t know how long can I hold this, I also did send them emails justifying my long time period in bench. Let’s hope for the best – Also please let me know where can I go register myself for this New Democrats

    1. Hello Akshan, you can register using

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