BE, now MBA – many private colleges are worthless!

Indian higher education system, privatized with much fanfare is in deep mess.

Read this feature on TN engineering admissions.

“This year, major branches accounted for 1.47 lakh government quota seats offered through single-window counselling. But, of these, only 46% (68,735) seats were filled in the just concluded Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA 2017) counselling conducted by Anna University. On top of it, when the MBBS/BDS counselling begins, a few hundred applicants, who have been allotted seats in engineering colleges, could drop out.”

“This year, there were also reports that many colleges could interest fewer than 10 students during counselling.”

“Interest in Civil Engineering, whose graduates could be in demand in the construction industry, has also been falling steadily in the last five years. In 2012, there were 19,097 seats, of which 14,707 were taken. This year though, against the 25,2″57 seats available, only 8,199 students have chosen the branch.”

“Over the years, students have been alert to the changing situations and learned to sift through the colleges. This year, 614 candidates, who did participate in counselling, returned without taking a seat.”

And there is a news cutting shared in facebook titled “Talk-of-the-town Aadi offer : Engineering seats at heavy discounts“. We are not certain about the date of this news, but this is very much relevant in the light of above information.

The latest clearance sale in city is not in T Nagar, the retail hub, but at Guindy, in and around the Anna University premises, to be precise, where the staff and faculty are trying to hard sell vacant engineering seats in their colleges after failing to attract any student in the ongoing counselling for admission.

Their target is students from rural families, and first generation graduates, who are offered incentives including tuition fee waiver – a substantial relief for poorer families yearning for a professional graduate in the family but do not have the ability to pay.

Agents distribute pamphlets announcing various schemes, where the tuition fee is fixed on the basis of cut-off marks. Those who scored high, 180 marks and above, can avail a complete waiver, while those below will get a partial waiver based on various slabs.

Some calculate this in percentage (25%, 50% and 100% off), others in actual cash (Pay only Rs 15,000, Rs 10,000 or nothing, depending on cut-off marks scored).

That is not all. Such is the persistence of these agents that they even manage to enter the counselling halls pretending to be parents or guardians.

Engineering education has become a commodity in the hands of private profiteers.

If you think, spending a few lakhs of rupees more on a post graduate course in management will guarantee the student a job, read this news 1 in 2 MBAs in India fails to land a job

“The class of 2016 saw 75,568 students (out of a total of 1.49 lakh students in 3,080 colleges) get jobs on campus.

The fallout of the drop in admissions has seen the closure of 233 B-schools which no longer saw business sense in offering an MBA course. In 2017 there are only 2,981 colleges left and placements also have gone down to 69,982

Last year, an ASSOCHAM study concluded that only 7% of MBA graduates from Indian business schools, excluding those from the top 20 colleges, get a job straight after completing their course.

Who is going to make up for the lost years and lakhs of rupees spent by lakhs of students from poorer sections? The colleges? or AICTE which failed to regulate them? Or the government which privatized higher education?

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