BJP, Karnataka, Reddy Brothers : Billion dollar question about Billion dollar Mining scam

Compilation of news reports about the power base of BJP in Karnataka

1. Reddy brothers rule with 7-8 tickets

The BJP’s decision to give assembly election tickets to eight members of tainted former minister G Janardhan Reddy’s family and inner circle has caused consternation among party leaders, workers and supporters and become a rallying point for opponents. Mining baron Reddy is the main accused in the Rs 16,500 crore illegal mining scam in Ballari.

“We are being asked questions as we go campaigning door-to-door. People ask, you are talking of corruption-free Karnataka but you are giving tickets to all the members of Reddy’s coterie as well as to all tainted former ministers,” a BJP candidate in the fray from an assembly segment in Bengaluru told ET.

Karnataka BJP chief and former CM B.S. Yeddyurappa said that he had “pardoned” Janardhan Reddy “in the interests of the state”.

Reddy brothers, who propelled the BJP to its first ever win in a southern state with their money and muscle power in 2008, became persona non-grata in just five years.

Amit Shah gave go-ahead to give tickets to Reddy brothers, reveals Yeddyurappa

Reddy brothers have a personal reason to side with the BJP because of the Siddaramaiah government’s decision to reinvestigate the iron ore export scam even after the CBI closed the case.

Why allegation of Judicial Bribery ended in “Unnatural” death ?
Judge accused in Janardhan Reddy bail scam found dead in Hyderabad.

Demonetization success for Janardhan Reddy ?
Reddy was criticised over lavish spending for his daughter’s Brahmani ‘s wedding which was held in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. He allegedly spent Rs 500 crore (£59 million) for his daughter wedding. Married to a 23-year old MBA graduate who hails from a family operating gold mines in South Africa, Tanzania and granite marble businesses in Turkey.

Janardhan Reddy driver found dead with Suicide note ?

Bellary: Driver’s suicide note accuses Janardhan Reddy of laundering Rs 100 crore black money

How “Jee Boom Ba “ vanish magic happened in ports ? Is it a one man Act to make “2.4 lakh metric tonnes iron vanish?

“My report had stated that more than 12.57 crore metric tonnes iron ore was transported from ports in Goa. 2.4 lakh metric tonnes iron ore was deposited in the port in Belekeri. This iron ore did not vanish all of a sudden. Where is the accountability? Someone has to be answerable. Where did the ships come from to export all the iron ore? After submitting documented proof, the effort has been wasted,” Santosh Hegde, the former Lokayukta said.

Brief details of Mining scam

Crores of tonnes of iron ore were allegedly illegally mined in Ballari, and exported from nine ports in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Andhra Pradesh between 2006 and 2011.

Companies linked to the Reddy family also allegedly indulged in under-invoicing, evasion of taxes and other duties, and had links to tax havens such as the Virgin Islands and the Isle of Man. There were also allegations of extortion.

The scam blew up in 2010 when Yeddyurappa was chief minister. In a report, the then-Karnataka Lokayukta, Santosh Hegde, pegged the loss to the exchequer at over Rs 12,000 crore. The Lokayukta named over 700 suspects, including Yeddyurappa himself.

To sum up,
People in Karnataka should have awareness about Leaders they are voting in the name of democracy.


– Kasirajan

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