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News : Why is it that corporates never protest on streets to seek loan waivers?

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Since the GATT / GATS days (after 1990s), India has been turned into India Incorporated. The opinions expressed in the above blog post is nothing but yet another proof of that fact.

In a country that thrives on agricultural economy, where majority of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood, farmers are stripped / killed and Mallayas fly away.

Is it not time for us to lift our heads up and question “who this country’s PM, CMs and bureaucrats are working for?”.

As the days go by, it is made clear that we are living under a corporate boot-licking democracy !

No wonder in 2013 Time magazine labeled Dr. Manmohan Singh as “Under Performer” and Modi means “Business”.

Modi’s master stroke demonetisation tried to pull all of us under the banking umbrella. Now, it is clear that it is to bailout corporates by waiving their loans and lending more to them. Our hard-earned money is also used to buy bullets to kill our own farmers!

In Tamil Nadu women affected by TASMAC liquor sales tried giving petitions to Tahsildhars, RDOs, Collectors and politicians. Finally, they went with hammers in their own hands to demolish the shops.

What are we still waiting for? Before situation worsens, not waiting for someone else to solve the problems, we should demolish this existing establishment which is a burden on the people, and that fails us every day and replace it with real people’s power.

– Priya

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