BPO automation, cost reductions – implications for employees?

BPO companies and their customers strive continuously for more and more cost reductions (read more work with less employees, less pay and benefits)

“Customers want beyond 10-15% cost and performance benefits, to which we found the answer in Robotics –non-invasive software technology to quickly increase efficiencies from business processes.”

“BPO 1.0 was about pure offshoring and labor arbitrage based benefits; followed by BPO 2.0 that was about transformation through process harmonization, innovation, and evolving options of business models. BPO 3.0 today is about technology play for improved costs and efficiencies.”

“When we looked around to see what could set us sailing, it was ‘Automation’. Automation isn’t new, it’s been around for a while. But pushing the envelope had the answer to getting right back on the horse.”

“Plonking a robot on the desk and ordering it to do the mundane repetitive tasks that processing advisors carry out would have been ideal…” But, “It’s about doing certain things in sequence in a well-designed manner to make way for robots.”

“A holistic approach to Robotics is required for optimum outcome. It involves 1) a high-end automation platform to reduce human intervention to the maximum extent…”
These are excerpts taken from an article in ciol.com on how to implement automation in BPO industry. What will be the implications for BPO employees and fresh graduates aspiring to join the industry?

To read the full article : When soft robots are at work in the BPOs…

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