Brahminical Forces Dread Periyar and Lenin

After the recent election victory of BJP in Tripura, a rowdy mob had pulled down the statue of Lenin in the town of Belonia.

Why? Why BJP hates Lenin so much? The answer to this question can be found in a tweet by Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja. He tweeted, “Today Lenin statue in Tripura, Tomorrow statues of casteist EVR”

Periyar E V Ramasamy fought for Rationalism, Self Respect and Annihilation of Caste. Millions of Tamil youth are inspired by his work and fight Hindutva and Brahminical social order. That is the reason BJP and RSS has a visceral hatred of Periyar.

Similarly, it is natural for them to hate Lenin who inspired working people all over the world to fight against corporate exploitation and colonial oppression.

Freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and his comrades sought inspiration from Lenin’s work to fight British colonial rule. Bhagat Singh was reading State and Revolution by Lenin on the day he was to be executed by the British.

Periyar and Lenin live in the minds of working people, they live in the politics which inspires working people against oppressive social order. That politics is the greatest challenge to the brahminical forces which enslaved, oppressed and exploited working castes of India for thousands of years.

Today, Leninism guides us to oppose and annihilate Hindutva politics and Brahminical social order and remains a nightmare to the enemies of working class.

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