Buddha Bruno : Profile of a Targeted Tech Mahindra Employee

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About myself

It was unbearable situation to work when you came to know that organisation is going to send you out by saying the rating reason.

I am one of the senior employees in Tech Mahindra. I was awarded many times as the best performer. I have decade +experience in Tech Mahindra.


For a couple of years, There was no appraisal hike given in Tech Mahindra for senior employees. This year appraisal was planned.

Last month end

There was a shock to me when I saw the appraisal rating. I was rated as low performer…

Before appraisal

I was promised by my manager and IBU head that they will give me good hike. I was working like anything Saturday and Sunday, Day and night as well..

State of mind

After seeing the rating , I was totally upset,

After seeing the rating , I was totally upset, There were loads of thoughts crossing in my mind.

That how am going to tell this to my family, how am going to manage the loans , what kind of job am going to do in future. Everything unravelled because of the sudden shock from given low rating.

My colleagues were simply questioning about work related things, I was just simply giving excuses to manage the situation because 2nd thought on my rating and personal commitments. It was unbearable situation to work when you came to know that organisation is going to send you out by saying the rating reason.

I was not in a position to discuss with everyone.  However discussed with my manager, he was also unhappy in diplomatic way, requesting me to share my profile with him for some external position. He said there is nothing to change anything from his side and everything decided by management. He apologized to me and told me that I don’t deserve for this rating.

However I raised the grievances in the tool for my rating.

After I had the discussion with my manager, my depression level went high. (representation image only)


After I had the discussion with my manager, my depression level went high. I applied for one week leave. Just to mention here that this was the 2nd one week leave after my marriage in my overall decades+ experience. I leave it to the readers to imagine t how i had  dedicated my life to my job.

After the leave

I got a call from HR about my grievance discussion. I did explain once again about all my achievements with respective HR panel. They wanted me to wait till they come back.

NDLF introduced by my friend.

They were legally explaining each and every aspect of labour act. That has given me boost and medicine to my depressions.. gave me strength to fight against unethical way of layoff.

After two days of my grievance discussion.

I got call from HR, they asked me to meet location HR at his place. I met them and they connected with me to my unit HR. My HR said that , today is your last working because no change in the grievance. They have also shown me the Agreement bond and two month gross salary of Demand draft.

I refused

I refused to take their order, I told them that , I want to work , I didn’t get the justification on my achievements from the panel side. On what basis the panel rejected my request. There was nothing about it from the HR end. Simply they have asked me to confirm by tomorrow..

I am still waiting for the justice. (image for representational purpose

After couple of days..

Again I got a call from HR, They wanted me to meet location HR head. I met them, Again they connected the call with my unit HR head. Again they wanted me to elaborate about achievements. I explained everything again. They said again, they will have a discussion with my manager and head and will come back.

I am waiting for justice

I am still waiting for the justice.


I will fight for justice with NDLF

If I had not become aware of NDLF, I would not have learnt about the rights of employees.  I would have gone out from this company and will be a jobless person today.

I will fight for justice with NDLF.

Fight for justice still continues..

Feel free to write and express yourself. Otherwise, others will not know what is happening.  Awareness  gives strength to fight for rights.

Be aware of NDLF and your rights.

– Buddha Bruno

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    • Kasirajan A on July 5, 2018 at 11:52 pm
    • Reply

    ALL THE BEST…………

    Workers decide the state of EMPLOYER not Viceversa

    • Sheik ibrahim on January 14, 2019 at 10:01 pm
    • Reply

    Nowadays layoff and termination is very common in IT Companies,and due to management blackmailing the employees putting blacklist in Nasscom so that unable to join any other organisation because corporate companies are unionized same way IT employees are also unionized and those are came from lower and middle class employees are suffering more in their career and their life.

    First of all if we blaming the corporate is useless they have the power in the government,they have billion money so they easily come out from any case same way government doesn’t bother

    government support corporate only, employees can’t do anything I know that

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