C.P. Gurnani Fires Employees, Takes Home Rs 146 crore

News : ₹ 146.19 crore. That’s how much Tech Mahindra paid CEO C.P. Gurnani in FY18

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Very good article.. I request everyone to go through this article.. the numbers and their analysis bring up several questions..!!

//Tech Mahindra’s chief executive officer C.P. Gurnani earned ₹ 146.19 crore in remuneration in 2017-18, bringing his total earnings over the last five years to ₹510 crore.//

//Gurnani’s ₹510 crore in earnings is about 24% more than the combined earnings of ₹387.92 crore of nine CEOs at the four largest IT companies, including Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS), Infosys Ltd, Wipro Ltd and HCL Technologies Ltd, over the last five years.//

//Tech Mahindra’s vice-chairman Vineet Nayyar who retires this year, earned ₹363.13 crore during this period, making the total payout by the company to two of its senior-most executives to ₹873.16 crore over the last five years.//

//“If one looks at the last five years of growth, Tech Mahindra has been the fastest-growing company amongst the top five and the stock has been one of the best performers amongst peer group,”//

Based on the above statements

If company is performing well.. Why there was layoffs and Forced resignations?? Why there was no Hike for those employees?

Two of its senior-most executives were given ₹873.16 crore over the last five years. What was average salary of employees in the last 5 years and how many fresh graduates can be given job with this money?

– Raj 

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