Capitalism – A love story

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a feature film maker who creatively uses secondary sources along with material from planned shoots to present his subject matter.

He is not a documentary maker who probes the natural world, society or history dispassionately, arrives at findings and presents them to the audience. He is a feature film maker, who decides on his theme, plot, message and sets out to create a screen play for that. Uses publicly available recordings, dialogues and private video recordings, conversations (with the permission of respective owners). He also sets out to create some footage with dramatic journalistic acts.

Capitalism A Love Story is set in post sub-prime-mortage-melt-down America. The plot revolves around Wall Street, investment bankers and commercial banks; home foreclosures, evictions, bank bailouts, political manipulations and a lot of historic background on how this come to pass.


CitiBank cordoned off as crime scene – a scene from the movie.

Personal tragedies of home owners who lost their home, farm stead owners who lost their everything, families who lost their loved ones out of whom greedy corporates swindled insurance money, confession from a real estate vulture provide the emotional connect.

Political events like a presidential election, congress sessions, debates, news paper headlines dot the movie,
and storming of wall street by Michael Moore to collect tax payers’ cash from the bankers generously offered by the government, to make citizen’s arrest of CEO a leading bank, cordoning off a block as crime scene, trying to get wall street bankers to explain derivatives.

This makes riveting movie. No fictional thriller can be more thrilling than this non-fictional real events based feature.

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