Capitalism is defunct; Communism is the only alternative!

November 7 : 100 years of the glorious Russian revolution

Capitalism is defunct; Communism is the only alternative!

This is the hundredth year of the glorious Russian Socialist Revolution that took place on Nov 7, 1917. The 100 years after the Russian Revolution provided innumerable lessons to working masses all over the world and rendered invaluable and unforgettable service to the human race.

puthiya-thozhilali-october-2016-editorialThrough Russian Revolution, the poor and the down-trodden shook off centuries of oppression and for the first time in world history formed their own state. Under the leadership of the great proletarian thinker Lenin, the Communist party carried out socialist construction with iron determination. All enemies of revolution such as traitors within the party, capitalists scheming in rage of having lost their privileges, and external aggressors intent upon crushing socialism in its infancy itself were successfully sent packing by the children of Soviet Union. The rise of Soviet Russia holding aloft dictatorship of the labouring masses, stood as the morning red star lighting the path of peoples’ struggles all over the world.

In the second world war Socialist Russia crushed Hitler’s Nazi forces which threatened the entire humanity. In the war started by Hitler, armies of imperialist powers like Britain, France failed and crumbled before the Nazi armed might. Only the red army of socialist Russia was able to stop and destroy the armies of Hitler-Mussolini combine. In the struggle to free this world from fascist threat, more than 2 crore people from socialist Russia sacrificed their lives.

After second world war, Chinese revolution followed; Colonial oppression devastating vast tracts of the world was put to an end and many countries breathed the air of political freedom.

Struggle against injustice and oppression, sacrificing everything for greater good of humanity, dealing with centuries old reactionary, superstitious practices using scientific approach, training the workers to treat every enemy of humanity as their own enemy – these are the gifts of socialist Russia to the human culture. However, the greatest leap in the human history faced temporary set back and was defeated by treachery. However, capitalism which proclaimed end of history and ultimate victory over communism is in its death throes now. Communism can never be destroyed; it is a science.

puthiya-thozhilali-october-leninCapitalism preys on the whole world and fattens itself. In order to carry out their plunder without any hindrance, the capitalists modifies local social and political institutions suitably. At present the re-colonization of our beloved country, India is carried out at an aggressive pace; Manmohan Singh – Sonia Gandhi combine and Gandhi cap were thrown away as too soft and ineffective for the designs of capitalist class. Saffron in place of Gandhi; RSS in place of Congress; Modi in place of Manmohan – this is the new formula of corporate plunderers.

India is pushed up in the list of countries favoured by foreign capital; at the same time our country tops the list of countries in number of modern bonded-workers, and occupies 118th place in happiness index of world countries. The working masses blinded by the saffron darkness are not being able to recognize the terrors of corporate hegemony, separate enemies from friends and truth from lies.

Capitalist terror adapts to the situation in each country and fashions allies and tactics. Even then, it is nearing its death every moment. There is no way out of this morass for capitalism. Capitalists are intensifying exploitation of working masses to get out this grave peril to their system. Capitalism can not survive without doing this and it digs its own grave by doing this.

The time of wheel proves again and again that Communism is the only solution to the ills afflicting oppressed people.

Capitalism is defunct; Communism is the alternative.

Translation of Editorial of Puthiya Thozhilali (in Tamil), October 2016

Translation by – Karnan

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