Case foisted on IT Union organizer

Organizer of NDLF – IT Employees Wing Comrade Karpaga Vinayagam and two others were arrested by police on 20-09-2016 morning for pasting posters condemning BJP and prime minister Modi for indulging in kannada chavinistic politics on Cauvery issue. A case was filed under section 4 (A) of Tamil Nadu Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act 1959.

If the intention of the police was indeed prevention of disfigurement of open places, cases would have been filed on those who put up posters singing Modi’s praise for his birthday, those who put up flex banners praising Jayalalithaa, those who set up hundreds of Vinayaga idols encroaching streets, people who advertised spritual marketing gurus like Jaggi Vasudev, or those who put up posters for IAS training academy etc. The police is also not bothered by hundreds of cinema posters and advertisements for magazines like “Time Pass” depicting women in obscene manner adorning the walls of Chennai. Police revealed their real intention in arresting NDLF comrads by remarking “How dare you criticize Modi himself”.

cauvery-issue-modi-bjp-poster-1This police action clearly shows that people of this country do not enjoy democratic rights. Anyone criticising those in power are implicated in false cases using laws which are meant for some other purpose. This was demonstrated in hunderds of cases including that of Comrade Kovan who was arrested under sedition act for criticising liquor sales by Jayalalithaa government, arrest of Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi for depicting the Parliament in its true light, foisting of cases on Professsor Ambikesh Mahapatra for sharing a cartoon lampooring Mamta Banerjee. Unlike Jayalalithaa and Mamta Banerjee, Modi’s dictatorial tendancies are bolstered by the fascist, communal Sangh parivar organizaations. Hence, oppression and suppression of dissenting voices has reached a peak under Modi’s rule at the center.

We charge that having seen the posters and the public’s anger towards Modi-BJP on the 19th RSS-BJP thugs have misused their power as the ruling party in center and instructed police to prevent further spread of the message among the people. Not able to face criticism, not having a leg to stand on for their reactionary, communal, racist, casteist politics, RSS-BJP indulges in misuse of power. The democratic, rationalist people of Tamil nadu will give a fitting reply to these high handed actions.

NDLF strongly condemns the action Tamil Nadu police under the control of fascist, brahminical Jayalalithaa which submits to the dictates of Hindutva thugs. We call upon all democratic forces to realise that BJP rule in center, ADMK rule in state in reality means Sangh Parivar rule in both and struggle against the anti-democratic, anti-rationalist communal and casteist Hindutva forces.

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