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Provide home drop for female employees working after 7 pm

Considering this if a woman reaches her destination after 10 PM, safety of the journey from the bus stop to home is uncertain, and it is a well-known situation.

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CTS dishonest in dealing with its employees!

The only way to make CTS and other IT companies to act responsibly towards employees is to organize ourselves as a union and asserting our rights through continuous struggle against these policies.

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Anti social activities seen by saffron brigade in Marina – Cartoon

Conduct Jallikattu Prevent farmers death Modi govt responsible for Jallikattu ban Jallikattu denied Cauvery denied Jallikattu denied Nutrino project imposed

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Farming distress and farmers suicide – People’s Power Protest

Arguing that rains failed or it is natural distress in this age of science and technology is not only a scam but also a deception on farmers. It is also a sly effort to take their lands away to hand over to multinational companies for methane shale gas extraction.

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Received Rs 40 crore as bribe? Modi shields black money of Ambani, Adani, Essar, Sahara!

If the prime minister wanted to carry out a surgical strike against black money he should have gone against all these – Essar, Ambanis, Adanis, holders of participatory notes, investments coming from tax havens, or against holders of Swiss bank accounts or people with their names in the Panama Papers. He would have got lakhs of crores of black money and that would have been a surgical strike on the people who are known to be holding black money in large amounts.

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8 Hours Labour, 8 Hours Recreation, 8 Hours Rest!

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8 Hours Labour, 8 Hours Recreation, 8 Hours Rest! How many hours a day you work for your company? Some will say 9 hours, some 12 hours or more. Some will say, there is no limit. Very few will say 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. IT companies have put systems in place …

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