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NiMo’s 11.3K Cr Loot – want another “Surgical Strike” from NaMo

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Ask these Nirav Modi’s to come and stand in queue in front of banks to submit fresh documents and prove that they are legitimate business credits, as crores our country men did from November to December 2016.


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It’s not Cartels Mr Narayana Murthy, it’s the Business Model, stupid!

Infosys founder Narayanamurthy and ex HR honcho Mohandas Pai had alleged that Indian IT companies formed a cartel among themselves to deny salary increase for entry level positions which stagnated at the same level for over 7 years, while the compensation to senior employees grew multifold.  But is it really due to cartel?

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IT Layoffs – A word to HR

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series IT Life

HR officer should put themselves in affected employee’s shoes and look into the problem. For HR officers, employee resignation is just a target to meet whereas for employee it is their livelihood.

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Trump’s War on H1B Visas : Effect on Indian Employees

An IT employee who has spent 5 years onsite can handle layoffs with the backing of savings made. Reduction of onsite positions will deny this avenue to increase overall savings for the current generation software Engineers.

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Who won in Gujarat?

“ Gujaratis do not love BJP, but fear. If they are defeated, BJPians themselves will cause religious riots. That’s why merchants and middle class have voted BJP”. They love it and also fear it. This is the whole truth.

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Verizon Layoff : Whose Company It is Anyway?

There is no difference between Indian worker and the American worker as far as corporate greed is concerned. Nowadays more and more of workers’ rights are thrown aboard for corporate profit greed.


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Do you feel cash crunch? Three not so secret reasons

The great Demonetization game is a great disaster for the people of this country.

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Strutting Fascism And Swaggering Militarism

Right, or in this case Fascism, believes in the superiority of its cultural heritage and the past of nation, people, race and traditions, in defense of which it relies on militarism.

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From Band Inertia to IT Lay Off

It takes severe feeling of injustice and helplessness for an employee to go to the Court. Even Unions take their grievances to the Court only when they can’t address it by negotiation or by show of force

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Modi Quackery Inflicts Lasting Damage to Indian Economy

Poor GDP growth in two successive quarters — Q4 2016-17 and Q12017-18 — has changed the growth prospects for 2017-18, leading to a serious debate about the current health of the economy.

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Wipro’s latest Layoff Gambit – Where do Employees Stand?

Wipro management is depositing 2 months salary in employee’s account and then issues this letter. The letter says that the employees is discharged from service with immediate effect. The employee is asked to surrender ID card and leave the office.

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Hindutva Ideologues Inflict Idiotic Damage to the Country

For how long can we feel excited about yet another CBI raid on a Karti Chidambaram or an Enforcement Directorate case against a Robert Vadra, or ignore all the evidence of grave damage inflicted by mofussil minds on national economy and national institutions?

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GST : Another Modi Fumble

Several revisions in deadlines, tax and cess rates, rules, clarifications and tweaks later, the GST regime is turning out to be neither simple nor friendly for taxpayers.

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NEET : Stand Up Against Oppression!

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

“if Gujarat is an experimental lab for Hindutva, then Tamilnadu is an experimental lab for secularism and democracy.” We have the strength and capacity to prove it.

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NEET is a Tool of Oppression

This entry is part 12 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

People should not think that it is a problem of those who prepare for medical seat. It is not a problem of feeling sorry for Anitha and shedding some tears. This is a problem of health care of our country’s, a problem of their livelihood.

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