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#NDLFCelebratesLenin – Posters


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Hard Working Employees suffer, Investors Enjoy the Fruits

What’s in it for You? A collective voice of the IT& ITES employees about their pink slip/ layoff pains to pass it to the Governance/decision makers, Legal advise from the eminent personal about labor laws and legal knowledge which IT & ITES employee should know.

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Slogans from Bangalore IT Professionals

“You layoff ILLEGALLY…UNPROFESSiONALLy a first generation rural Kannada engineer ..Whose father sold his plot to work for you for slave wages”

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Bangalore Techies do RTI to bring out Layoff Facts!

“Layoff or fire happens in most of the companies every year but none of the state govt or central govt has not bother about employees job safety. HR can give silly reasons and send employees out any time. IT employees should work hard both mentally and physically to make these entrepreneurs rich. Employees family has to suffer due to unbalance of these conditions.”

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Cognizant (CTS) Coimbatore Employees Show The Way

This entry is part 20 of 19 in the series Struggle Against Layoffs

Employees getting together in groups and discussing is an important first step. Then arrange physical meetings for more closer group, form a union for legal standing within the company.

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IIT Students in Solidarity with Protesting Farmers

In solidarity and support to our farmers and people protesting against liquor shops, the students of IIT Madras to join in a hunger strike in Himalaya lawn tomorrow (15-4-2017) at 9.00 am and day after tomorrow.

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Month Long TN Farmers Protest in Delhi – Video

Why the farmers are protesting in Delhi? Because, the Modi government refuses to set up Cauvery Management Board; Because, the Modi government signed MOU’s for hydrocarbon project in Neduvasal; Because, the Modi government refuses to set remunerative prices for farm outputs; Because, the Modi government government refuses farm loan waiver.

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