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The wonderful world of “e” – video

We meet some strange creatures everyday, without stopping to think about them. Presenting one of them, ‘e’ which pervades so many areas of natural and social world.

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Ten Days That Shook the Wold – Sergei M. Eisenstein

Soviet silent film made in 1927 by Sergei Eisenstein, sometimes referred to simply as October in English. It is a celebratory dramatization of the 1917 October Revolution. The title is taken from John Reed’s book on the Revolution, “Ten Days That Shook The World”.

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For the Love of Physics

How to teach and make students love physics? On May 16, 2011, Professor of Physics Emeritus Walter Lewin returned to MIT lecture hall 26-100 for a physics talk and book signing, complete with some of his most famous physics demonstrations to celebrate the publication of his new book For The Love Of Physics: From the …

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Pirates of Silicon Valley

Story about the beginning of two of the most formidable tech companies

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Salt of The Earth

  Struggle by Mexican American workers union for equality (all kinds of…) and solidarity of other workers.  

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Einstein’s Big Idea

History and science behind E=mc2

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TCS Layoff – NLDF combats

This entry is part 3 of 19 in the series Struggle Against Layoffs

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