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When IT employees Unite, the Whole Country can be Transformed

We ourselves are not aware of the strength of IT employees. This sector that unites the entire world brings together the employees from all states. If we strengthen ourselves by unionizing we can bring about revolutionary changes in our country.

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Views and Law : Terminations not Legal, can be Challenged and Overturned

This entry is part 2 of 8 in the series Senior Wipro Employee

We need to spread awareness on what is Indian law for termination. I have seen 99% of the people leave this matter without checking this if they get another job. This awareness and unions will automatically stop all illegal termination.

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Wipro’s Layoff Plan : Senior Employee Prepares to Fight

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Senior Wipro Employee

“I am senior employee of Wipro technologies working in Information technology for more than 20 years. Wipro is planning to do mass layoffs and this message is an insight on what is happening as part of this.”

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Your Class Needs You – IT Employees in Bengaluru May Day Rally

“Workers of the World Unite! Unify the Class! Strengthen the Struggle! IT Employees, Your Class Needs You! The Future Belongs to the Working Class”

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May Day!

The indentured labour system of British period has come back again in its modern garb called “Contract Labour”.

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Press Release : Stop Cognizant (CTS) HR’s Illegal Activities

This entry is part 9 of 19 in the series Struggle Against Layoffs

We demand that CTS immediately stop the forced resignations and illegal retrenchment of its employees, reinstate all affected employees and create opportunities to re-skill the employees as per the current trends.

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25 CRPF men killed in Maoist attack – Facts to know!

“The government should come clean on all these MoUs, infrastructures projects; declare them and tell us what they are and freeze them for now. Insist that all the villagers that have been pushed out, we are talking of hundreds and thousands of people be rehabilitated. Guns need to be pulled back.”

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TCS in the same Bandwagon of Paycuts, Retrenchments as CTS (Cognizant)

This 25.7% operating margin (Rs 30,324 core) includes money taken through employees’ variable pay cut. That is for every Rupee earned by the employees, 25% is nett of all expenses (salaries, office, travel etc etc).

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Cognizant (CTS) forced resignations : Employees Fightback!

Anyways they don’t have rights to terminate. If they had rights to terminate they won’t even bother to ask us to resign.

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Farmers Distress, CTS Layoff, RK Nagar – Discussion Meeting

NDLF – IT Employees Wing Discussion Meeting Date : 22nd April 2017, Saturday Time : 11 am to 2 pm Venue : Thiruvanmiyur

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Cognizant (CTS) torturing its employees – Mafia fashion!

Are we living in a civilized country? Does CTS have any decency? Should we tolerate this treatment of its employees by CTS?

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Press Release : IT Employees Demo in support of TN Farmers

IT Employees working in MEPZ campus and New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing plan to conduct a Demonstration in support of Tamil Nadu farmers protesting in Delhi for the past one month.

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IT Employees Pledge for Farmers

I am proud of the contribution of farmers and working classes which has a rich heritage. I shall always strive to support them. I shall give my respect and want everyone to be treated with courtesy and dignity.

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IT Employees for Farmers – Join hands for the future of our own children!

If we don’t prove ourself to the farmers that we stand with them, they would lose their hope at some point and give up agriculture. In fact, many have already given up farming and started moving into cities. If it continues, we would have to witness our kith and kin dying of thirst and hunger.

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IT Employees Protest For Farmers

A demonstration in support of protesting farmers will be held near Pallavaram Ambedkar statue on April 18, 2017 Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm.

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