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IT Stands with Neduvasal

IT Stands for Neduvasal Oppose Hydrocarbon extraction Save Agriculture Save Neduvasal
Save Tamil Nadu IT Employees in solidarity with protesting villagers of Neduvasal.

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H1B, Trump, Corrupt ADMK – NDLF IT Union meeting

Date : 18th February 2017, Saturday Time : 5 pm to 8 pm Venue : Tiruvanmiyur beach

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Fight for Jallikattu: Symbol of opposition to partiality and reclaiming of rights!

Marina became the focus point of the historical fight by Tamil people affected by all these issues. Without the police intervention, a very large gathering of people organized itself for seven days and made the whole world notice it. The entire society of Tamilnadu rallied behind it. This is People Power.

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NDLF paper to the miners conference – working class politics for 21st century

Put an end to division, diversion and misdirection of working class movement! Build proletarian internationalism! Let the working class and all oppressed nationalities unite against the super power hegemonism and imperialism!

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IT Employees made scapegoats for Manager’s Greed

This entry is part 5 of 19 in the series Struggle Against Layoffs

Do not be afraid that if you ask for such written instructions you will be asked to leave the organisation. Get rid of ignorance and fear. We are not slaves of old times. We have our union to question and fight for our rights.

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Dishonest INTEGRA violates labour laws! Workers fight for their rights!

Integra management tried to violate the law by declaring a partial lock-out. When the labour department declared the lock-out as illegal, the management declared that the lock-out has been lifted. But, without starting production in Sriperumpudur factory, it secretly shifted the orders to Coimbatore factory and supplied its Sriperumpudur customers.

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Anti social activities seen by saffron brigade in Marina – Cartoon

Conduct Jallikattu Prevent farmers death Modi govt responsible for Jallikattu ban Jallikattu denied Cauvery denied Jallikattu denied Nutrino project imposed

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Marina Manifesto of Tamils

We will not accept and submit to the laws, orders and judgements which are against the interests of the majority!

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Jallikattu protests – voice of Tamil Nadu for democratic rights

The protests conducted all over Tamil Nadu are not only for the right to conduct Jallikattu but they are the exprssion of anger of Tamil Nadu people at the high handed and anti people activities of Modi government.

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Digitized Agriculture? Automated IT Jobs? – IT Union Meeting

Demonetization, Farmers Suicide Impact of Trump Presidency and IoT 8 hours work – How CTS conceded Nero’s Guests – Documentary Date : 21st January 2017, Saturday Time : 3 pm to 7 pm

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How the US supports its rich farmers and India ditches its poor farmers

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Insuring the State

It is important to realise there is a world of difference between US and Indian farmers. Indian cultivators will be in a much weaker position to pursue their claims against the insurance firms than US cultivators. The real benefit to the Government from the PMFBY is that it will enable it to wash its hands of responsibility to directly protect the peasantry against various types of distress.

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Finance Capital feeds on farmers distress

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Insuring the State

What is the Government’s interest in having insurance firms provide crop insurance? This is a puzzling question, because it would not appear to make financial sense for the Government.

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Farming distress – government washing off its hands – 1/3

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Insuring the State

Providing a meagre amount as compensation, the state is pushing the farmers to the doors of insurance companies for more compensation. It is important to understand that crop insurance scheme is a deception.

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“Workday is only for 8 hours” – CTS concedes! NDLF Succeeds!

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series 8 hours work day

This law is applicable to all IT companies. We call upon all IT employees not to submit to the compulsion of more than 8 hours work. Contact NDLF IT Employees Wing.

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NDLF IT Employees Wing – Meeting on 24th December 2016

Money and Digital Economy – Discussion, Capitalism a Love Story – Documentary screening, IT Union activities – Discussion
Date : 24th Saturday, December 2016 Time : 10 am to 1 pm

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