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“Reinstate her and pay back wages” – Labour court orders Rs 37 lakh compensation

Yes, it takes time to pursue a case. But however long you wait, unfair terminations fought under Industrial Disputes Act will lead to compensation to affected employee.


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Monthly Union Members Meeting April 2018


  1. Union Activities.
  2. Will Cauvery protest yield water?
  3. Facebook,  Aadhar – Bureau pulling thieves.
  4. Financial growth of IT industries in Year to year releases.

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Illegal layoffs by Lycatech and Plintron Global Technology

We call upon Lycatech employees to resist any pressure from management to obtain resignations illegally. Please contact NDLF IT Employees Wing for union and legal action.

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NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting March 2018 – Newsletter

  • Decided to collect the fund from union members to contribute 50% expenses of running 2K and 2A cases
  • Planning to offer the real time internship projects to Final year IT/MBA/Visual communication students
  • Decided to prepare E-Book to guide all the IT employees to handle the unethical layoff, which covers the experiences of running 2K and 2A cases

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Union Meeting March 2018 – Posters

Posters By : Manion

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Monthly Union Meeting – March 2018

Dear Friends, We have monthly union meeting on Saturday, March 17, 2018.                                      Topics : The reason behind Nirav Modi’s bank scam and the unreleased truth about Airtel money Union’s regular and Legal activities. Upcoming issues in IT Other topics …

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“Leave Office Early (On Time) ” – Employees Action Based on NDLF Post

Woman employees of this project formed a group and approached their project manager. Referring to our article they explained the difficulties they face in staying late. They asked the manager to help them to leave early. They pointed out that even as their project statement of work requires work during general shift only, they are working late evening every day.

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Wipro’s White Lie : Never Asked Anyone to Resign!

In a letter submitted to labour department Wipro management claims that “the company at no stage or time has ever indulged in calling upon any of its employees to resign from services”. We call upon the thousands of employees who were forced to resign and other who were facing such threats to respond.

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MNC Harasses Employee and Terminates Service Illegally

Ram continued to work in production, not understanding what is wrong with his work. The PIP months have been stressful. He was told that he would be retained if he performs better.


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NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting February 2018 – Newsletter

  • Discussed the detailed insights on current Appraisal systems followed by various IT and BPO
    companies and impacts
  • Importance of Woman Safety at work place and challenges
  • Changes in TCS appraisal systems due to legal fight of NDLF union member
  • CCTV is facilitated at TRIL roads due to concern raised by NDLF union member

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Managers Can Help to Stop Attacks on Women Employees

Once again, a women IT employee who worked in graveyard shift (that ends at 1:00 – 3:00 AM) is brutally attacked, this time in Chennai on 13th February 2018, Wed. Our general secretary Sugendiran has written a detailed article on this incident in Tamil.


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Monthly Union Meeting – February 2018

Our monthly union meeting for Feb 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, 3 PM, February 17, 2018, at Perumbakkam. We request all the members & friends to participate.

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Contract Labour Abolition Meet – Photos, Invitation Videos

Invitation, Invite videos and photos from the Abolish Contract Labour conference held in Chennai on 28-01-2018

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NDLF Warns against illegal Working day on January 26th

“whenever an employee has to work on any of the Public holidays, he shall, be entitled to thrice the wages for the day on which he works and in addition to avail himself of a substituted holiday with wages.”

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Abolish Contract System! Bury Capitalism! – Notice

Conference 28.01.2018 9.30 am Madras Kerala Samajam, Opp Nehru Park, Periyar E.V.R High Road, Chennai. Public Meeting 28.01.2018 6 pm Near Avadi Municipal Office

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