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Modi killing Indian Economy by Quackery

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Attack agents and operators in Real Estate, Gold Trading, Share Market, Foreign Investment and Political Funding. Confiscate their assets, ask them to work for a wage in a factory or construction site like the majority of Indian population.

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What Chameleon BJP said in 2014 about Demonetisation?

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“People with small savings and no bank accounts will be targeted. The present scheme does nothing to remove black money from circulation”

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Money laundering by Modi before banning 500 and 1000 denomination

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After parceling out this enormous amount to overseas , now Modi playing anti corruption , anti counterfeit and anti black money drama by banning 500 and 1000 currencies…

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“No time to add new security features in notes, says official” – The Hindu

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On being asked whether the new design would minimise the chances of counterfeiting the new currency notes to be faked by Pakistan, the official said, “It is not impossible. Only the design has changed but the security features remain the same. Pakistan prints fake notes at their government press,” said the official.

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Rs 500, Rs 1000 blocked – ‘smart’ move by crafty Modi!

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9 & 10 November bank closed 12 November 2nd Saturday 13 November Sunday 14 November guru nanak jayanti Very smart pm !

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Image of Indian corporates in doldrums – says Economic Times article

“The common man tends to believe .. that billionaires are villains who have made their fortunes from daylight robbery of public money.” “.. the metropolitan and cosmopolitan electorate of Delhi .. had no problems with the .. allegations against captains of Indian industry.”

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Getting rich through real estate. Foolhardy or swindling?

Price increase of real estate incidental to that process is nothing but a portion of value created by this labour and captured by the person holding the land as monopoly. The monopoly hold on the land enables the person to exhort (like mafia) money for the use of land.

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Diwali For whom – By Whom – Against Whom?

Jai Sampooka, Jai Soorpanaka, Jai Ravana! Jai Mahisasura, Jai Narakasura, Jai Mahabali! Unite and Fight against the Brahmanism! We are the sons of soil! Get rid of the central Asian Aryan culture!

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Are we all being turned into jail birds?

By substituting data for flesh [individuals], the credit industry has created an antagonism between the material and informational forms of the self, resulting in the construction of a virtual debtors prison.

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Stressed and insecure in IT job? You are not alone!

When even the top 8% of the working population is worried about their economic well being, imagine the plight of the bottom 92% of workers .

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US, UK, India, China – a statistical comparison

Agriculture GDP and employment account for less than 2% in UK and US. In China and India agriculture GDP % is far less than agriculture occupation %. That means, farmers and agricultural labour are squeezed in favour of services and industry.

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NDLF Fight Against Illegal CTS Action

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The Union organizer went in person to meet labor inspector at Kancheepuram. The labor inspector has assured that action will be taken within a week.

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Protection against Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace

While in developed economies, women avoid filing complaints due to economic insecurity, Indian women face the additional burden of backward culture.

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CTS in trouble? What trouble?

CTS might manage to cover its tracks successfully and come out of this episode with little damage to its top management and shareholders. The losers will be only CTS employees and the public.

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Education becomes currency play

Rs 43 crore cash was seized from the residence of one of the trustees of the Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre. This money – in wads of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes – is said to be the capitation fee collected from students, primarily for medical seats. The Vydehi group, whose …

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