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Compliance Violation and Termination – Facts to Know

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In many forced resignation cases, HR officer uses compliance issue as their shield to break employee’s confidence who is refusing to resign. Compliance issue is used as a weapon to make employee submit self-resignation on their own.

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“Company has Right to Terminate Employment any Time” – True or False?

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India has strict labor laws won by years of struggle by workers.  Believe in the legal route and the power of collective fight. This is only route to get justice as a common employee against powerful corporates.

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Did you Hear the Voice of Tech Mahindra Employees?

Let us all join together and show our unity to the world. Show our protest against the illegal and unethical forced resignations. Make unionization into a big movement

IT/BPO/KPO/Call Center Employees
Join Union! Show Our Unity to the World.
Safeguard Our Rights, Ensure Our Future

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‘Growth in Steroids’ – 8 more greenfield projects, not just Salem-Chennai Highway

“Each of these eight projects will have the same social and environmental impacts as the Salem-Chennai expressway,”  “Acquiring lands from farmers is far cheaper than acquiring land along developed roads as they are likely to be more developed,”

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Kodaikanal Mercury Poisoning – “Treat us like, We were ‘white’!”

Their factory in Watertown in New York State, on the banks of the Black River, was found to be contaminating the environment. The US and the Canadian governments raised this up, the company cleaned up its mess and set up a similar factory in Kodaikanal. This is where environmental racism comes in.

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C.P. Gurnani Fires Employees, Takes Home Rs 146 crore

Tech Mahindra’s chief executive officer C.P. Gurnani earned ₹ 146.19 crore in remuneration in 2017-18, bringing his total earnings over the last five years to ₹510 crore.

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Big plastic polluters- Branded Packaged Goods Marketers

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Corporate Pressure Stifles Suicide News – Shame on you Media, Governments!

This happened in RGA techpark which belongs one of the ruling state govt MP . This may be the reason they are suppressing it .. I am not sure whether it was due to layoff or personal issue since it’s clear yet but as per rumours it said he got termination letter the same morning

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Tech Mahindra : Unhappy Employees Forced to Respond Positively in Survey

Tech Mahindra Business Services is using unethical tactics to win this award. Employees have been forced to respond positively to the survey.

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Tragic Suicide, Media Blackout and Government Apathy – the Plight of IT Employees

Unfortunately Chaitanya has given his life, in reality there are 100s of other Chaitanyas who lost their jobs and are struggling for their living after they are fired illegally.

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Tech Mahindra Layoffs : the latest Gambit by HR and How it Fails

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They strongly objected to this communication and challenged that this looks like a criminal forgery. They also warned that if someone is generating resignation on behalf of the employee, serious legal action will be taken.


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IT Companies, Stop Layoffs : Your Thirst for Profit Costs Lives!

Employees are not the resources to be considered as extra baggage and thrown out, but human beings with flesh and blood. Please formulate better procedures to increase profits instead of sacking employees.

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Forced Resignations : Tech Mahindra Continues to Deceive

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We send the following communication to Tech Mahindra along with the list of employees who have been systematically targeted and in violation of all ethical, professional and legal norms pressurised and threatened to leave employment. Will Tech Mahindra still say that they are not forcing anyone to resign?

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Buddha Bruno : Profile of a Targeted Tech Mahindra Employee

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I am one of the senior resource in Tech Mahindra. I was awarded many times as the best performer. I have decade +experience in Tech Mahindra.

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Tech Mahindra Layoff Plan: Senior Employee continues to fight

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Even if I lose my job, I will sleep peacefully but are you able sleep in night after following this cowardly, illegal practices to send our own employees to layoff slaughter house. Think about it!!!

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