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Trump’s War on H1B Visas : Effect on Indian Employees

An IT employee who has spent 5 years onsite can handle layoffs with the backing of savings made. Reduction of onsite positions will deny this avenue to increase overall savings for the current generation software Engineers.

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Doctors get only 10-20% of Private Hospital Bills – TOI Report

“when hospital managements charge 200%-1,700% margin on medicines, consumables and diagnostics, the frustration of the patient with rising cost is taken out on the doctors even though they get just a fraction of the bill”

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Verizon Layoff : Whose Company It is Anyway?

There is no difference between Indian worker and the American worker as far as corporate greed is concerned. Nowadays more and more of workers’ rights are thrown aboard for corporate profit greed.


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Verizon Layoffs – Join NDLF to protect you Rights

We have lessons to learn from Verizon incident. Such a brutal treatment happened to our colleagues in Verizon this time and it may happen to us also soon.

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Threatened and Fired by Verizon : Employee Experiences

As per Industrial Disputes Act 1947, this action of Verizon is Illegal. Affected employees file grievance petition under section 2A of ID Act against this illegal and forced resignations.

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Verizon Barbaric Treatment during Pinkslipping of Workforce

“The bouncers pushed me back into my chair and held me by my shoulders till I signed the document. It was an awful experience and I can’t begin to tell how demeaning it was,”

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Managers Treat IT Worker Like Slave

Friends, you can also understand the situation from my experience, or you might also have faced similar situation, or you can ask your friends who are similarly affected.


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Barely Swimming: Systemic Burdens that Ravage Nurses

It boils down to conditions being brutal and unsustainable for nurses. Unlike what they said to reassure us in nursing school, it doesn’t just get easier with experience.

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Rains – IT Companies, Clients intent on Business as Usual, Employees Suffer

“Customer will not bother about safety of associates as it is responsibility of local company. They will not put pressure directly to work on this condition. But they will threaten asking backup, continuation, mitigation and penalty.”

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US Lawsuit Against TCS Discrimination

The reason for favoring Indian employees is known to every one associated with IT industry. The company need not provide as much salary compared to American employees; Indian worker can be made to work long hours.

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From Band Inertia to IT Lay Off

It takes severe feeling of injustice and helplessness for an employee to go to the Court. Even Unions take their grievances to the Court only when they can’t address it by negotiation or by show of force

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How to Face Layoff Threat and Win – A Case Study!

The employee complained to the labour department in Coimbatore along with 4 others. After 2-3 hearings in which HR from Cognizant took part, all of them got project allocation with Performance Improvement Plan. 

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Extract Gold, Pay Peanuts, then Throw Out – Corporate Employee Policy

During the FY 16-17, the shareholders were paid Rs. 5.60 for every rupee they had put in, i.e. a return of 560%! So the shareholders got the highest ever return in FY 16-17 when the employees who created the profit, got raises of only 0.36%. The total dividend paid was Rs.1378 cr. whereas salaries of employees increased by only about 800 crores!

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Highs Score in NEET != Quality

This entry is part 10 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

The great scientists conduct scientific research, not because how much money they can make out of it, It is to unravel the mystery of nature, for the sake of bringing some benefit to the human kind or to satiate ones thirst for knowledge. This holds good to every field, including medicine.

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Private Grabbing of People’s Assets

This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

One medical college and medical college hospital per district. This is the guideline of World Health Organisation. Tamil Nadu is the only state in which that guideline has been implemented to the maximum extent. Their aim is to swindle it. NEET is a back door entry to such a swindle.

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