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Wipro’s latest Layoff Gambit – Where do Employees Stand?

Wipro management is depositing 2 months salary in employee’s account and then issues this letter. The letter says that the employees is discharged from service with immediate effect. The employee is asked to surrender ID card and leave the office.

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The Real Face of Apollo Hospitals – Video

The treatment is decided not based on the patient’s need, but their ability to pay. If someone is not able to pay, even if they are in dire need of treatment, and even if the treatment is available in the hospital they are denied treatment. Those who are calculated as moneyed will be given even unnecessary or marginally necessary treatments.

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Mandatory Requirements For Retrenchment In India

the employer is required under section 25N to make application along with the reasons of intended retrenchment to the State Government for seeking its prior permission to retrench the employee. Hence, a simple termination as per the contract of employment can prove disastrous in the event the termination is challenged.

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How to Face Layoff Threat and Win – A Case Study!

The employee complained to the labour department in Coimbatore along with 4 others. After 2-3 hearings in which HR from Cognizant took part, all of them got project allocation with Performance Improvement Plan. 

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Senior Employee Explains Latest Layoff Practice by Wipro

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Senior Wipro Employee

I hope my story will help any one facing layoff challenges. I am not sure if I will be in Wipro next time when I publish my next article but definitely I am determined to continue my fight against such actions.

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GST : Another Modi Fumble

Several revisions in deadlines, tax and cess rates, rules, clarifications and tweaks later, the GST regime is turning out to be neither simple nor friendly for taxpayers.

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Extract Gold, Pay Peanuts, then Throw Out – Corporate Employee Policy

During the FY 16-17, the shareholders were paid Rs. 5.60 for every rupee they had put in, i.e. a return of 560%! So the shareholders got the highest ever return in FY 16-17 when the employees who created the profit, got raises of only 0.36%. The total dividend paid was Rs.1378 cr. whereas salaries of employees increased by only about 800 crores!

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Demonetization, GST Cost Jobs – Bloomberg

Manufacturers seen cutting 40% of jobs in 2017 as growth slows. Top 1% of population holds record 22% of wealth, study shows

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Hard Working Employees suffer, Investors Enjoy the Fruits

What’s in it for You? A collective voice of the IT& ITES employees about their pink slip/ layoff pains to pass it to the Governance/decision makers, Legal advise from the eminent personal about labor laws and legal knowledge which IT & ITES employee should know.

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Modi’s Finances Fall Flat on Face – Reuters

Soumya Kanti Ghosh, chief economist at State Bank of India (SBI.NS), said in a research note this month that first quarter economic growth was supported by higher state spending but the need to rein in the fiscal deficit could force the government to cut expenditure.

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NDLF IT Union Short Film Movement

Take Short films on the above Topics and Upload in YouTube. Short films in Tamil/English Language and regional Language with English Subtitles accepted.

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Japanese bullet train flopped in Taiwan – It is a white elephant!

While a debate is raging over viability of India’s bullet train project which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week, it would be worthwhile to know how bullet train fared in Taiwan. It flopped, actually.

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Work life balance is a joke!

Indian millennials reportedly spend a whopping 52 hours a week at work, outpacing their counterparts in the US, UK, and even China by quite a big margin. 25 percentage of women employees in India told tiredness was their top concern. In the long term, fatigue causes depression, anemia and even diabetes.

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Highs Score in NEET != Quality

This entry is part 10 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

The great scientists conduct scientific research, not because how much money they can make out of it, It is to unravel the mystery of nature, for the sake of bringing some benefit to the human kind or to satiate ones thirst for knowledge. This holds good to every field, including medicine.

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Private Grabbing of People’s Assets

This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

One medical college and medical college hospital per district. This is the guideline of World Health Organisation. Tamil Nadu is the only state in which that guideline has been implemented to the maximum extent. Their aim is to swindle it. NEET is a back door entry to such a swindle.

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