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Wipro, Cognizant Layoffs – Next Steps in 7 Q&A

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JCL in Chennai asked the employees who disagree with low rating given to them, who were not allocated to a project, whose were prevented from getting allocated to a project, who were being asked by HR to resign to file a Collective Dispute under Section 2K of ID Act.

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Press Release : NDLF to File Grievance Petition with Labour Department on Layoff Issue

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The state has provided concessions in the form of subsidized land, electricity and tax holiday to IT companies claiming they bring in employment opportunities. Hence, we demanded that the government should immediately intervene in this matter.

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Statement : NDLF demands immediate government intervention in IT Layoffs Issue

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We demand that the government should not remain a mute spectator to this mass layoffs by IT companies, but should take strong action to put a stop this practice immediately.

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Combat Pink Slips with Red Flag – NDLF Posters Protesting Layoffs

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Join NDLF in Representation to Labour Secretary

NDLF IT Employees Wing will make a representation to Commissioner of Labour (DMS) at 11 am and Secretary, Labour Department, Government of Tamil Nadu (Secretariat) at 12 noon on May 16, 2017 Tuesday.

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IT Friends – Take up Cudgels against Forced Resignations!

Stop forced resignations immediately! Take back all employees who were forced to resign! Abolish the unscientific appraisal rating system!

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Put an End to NASSCOM ‘Black List’

We will demand the companies to be transparent about the information they maintain about the employees and share the same with the concerned employee. These kind of unfair labour practices should be firmly opposed and stopped.

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Corporate Harassments – Experiences by Employees

We give below a selection of emails we received from employees working in IT sector. The common thread running through all these are the disregard for law by managements and casual treatment of employees. We must insist once again that only a union of IT employees can handle such incidents in a fair, transparent and democratic manner within company.

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NDLF Mass Campaign and Legal Fight against Layoffs in Wipro, Cognizant (CTS)

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To combat corporate attacks and in solidarity with employees affected by these illegal retrenchments New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing will hold a demonstration in Chennai OMR, near Sholinganallur signal on May 18th, 2017 from 5 pm to 7 pm.

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Wipro Band Intertia : Senior Wipro Employee Continues Fight – The Next Step

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If we continue to proceed like this, in next few years, retirement age in IT will become 35. Let us get together, put an end to this corporate overlordship and assert employees’ right to work without fear, with dignity and professional pride.

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We are not Slaves, Corporates are not our Masters! – Video

This is not the way an employer can treat employees. He can not dictate rules to us. We have fought to win labour rights. There can not be any restrictions on forming trade union and fighting for labour rights.

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Layoffs & Employee Rights : Senior Lawyer Balan Haridas – Video

In this speech Mr. Balan explains the salient points of Industrial Dispute Act and other laws related to rights of workmen including IT/ITES employees. What role does the Shops and Establishments Act play? Will joining a Trade Union lead to job loss? Will an agreement signed with the company take away my legal rights? What does the law say about layoffs, terminations and retrenchments?

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When IT employees Unite, the Whole Country can be Transformed

We ourselves are not aware of the strength of IT employees. This sector that unites the entire world brings together the employees from all states. If we strengthen ourselves by unionizing we can bring about revolutionary changes in our country.

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May Day!

The indentured labour system of British period has come back again in its modern garb called “Contract Labour”.

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Cognizant (CTS) HR Threatens to Commit Forgery against Employees

This shows the levels to which corporate HR stoops. No heed to labour laws, no respect to the rights of employees, not even hesitant to resort to criminal acts.

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