Cognizant (CTS) Coimbatore Employees Show The Way

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Employees of Cognizant (CTS), Coimbatore show the way in fighting MS rating, non-allocation of projects and forced resignations. A WhatsApp group was formed on May 19, 2017 and there are 27 members so far in the group.

Some discussions in the group

CTS, Coimbatore

Employees of CTS, Coimbatore show the way

Everybody is admin

A : In this group everybody is admin so pls add the persons who resigned forcefully and MS rated people. Thanks.

Approaching Labour Commission

D : Resigned folks only option is to file 2A. If anyone ready to file let me know. I will come. For other folks option is to form union. Else they will be also made to resign shortly. If they are not ready for this let them individually face hr. We will meet tomorrow at 10 am near saravanampatti. Dinamalar press person will be present at that time. We can tell our story to him…he will publish without naming anyone

B : I am from Cognizant Coimbatore CCC-SEZ campus. Inform me if you plan any programme so that I can participate

C : Here me and [snipped] only resigned. For 2A as of now we both enough (or) collect some resigned folks and both together go and file in labour commission.

D : Friends let us meet tomorrow and discuss our next course of action… pls bring 2A format. I will help you to file. Looks like they have slowed down the firing after labour commission and media interference

B: That too a good idea..Guys pls wait we will try to collect ample amount of people for this week and then we go. I heared that they r concentrating on lady associates now.. Plz make awareness to those lady associates who r in bench. Pls wait for sometime I will try to add some more people and so that we can go collectively by this Friday

Also we will fill 2A for resigned associates for filing….and prepare a petition for others and file it in cbe labour office. We dont have time as cts will act fast in tire2 cities. let us first meet at riti bakes and then we can go to labour commission

copy of letter filed by employee affected by Cognizant rating policy.

B: Hi Folks,We are gathering at [snipped] tomorrow@10:30 AM to discuss about further proceeding on CTS Layoff issue.. Interested peoples kindly cooperate.

E: As I reached my native I can’t come near [snipped] as I don’t have vehicle. I will reach labour commission by 10.30. U people complete the meeting n can join with me.

A : Hi guys, I came and waiting in [snipped]

B : Pls stay there, I will cum in 10 mins. Others pls update

E : Guys.. I am waiting near labour office. Any update on meeting?

C : Hi guys I’m sorry I couldn’t able to join you today. Got some personal work..Will join you in next meeting. monday can u join with me? For labour commission.

D : There are 5 associates going next week . So u will get introduced to all. Don’t worry abt names now. Worry abt job.

B : We have already posted a complaints to labour comissioner, another set of peoples going to lodge their complaints on Monday..

A : Soft copy of complaint has been attached. Need to submit 3 copies in Labour office. Please edit the highlighted red font with your own details.
Filing count – 6. Total members in tis grp – 27. Already filed members – 2. Planned to file – 6 members. Yet to take next step for filing – 25. Rest 25 people any plan or going to maintain silence ?

Fighting MS rating and non-allocation of projects

D : They are changing the rating. can ask your managers to increase your rating. Put cc to your ad d etc and also your hr. Send mail with high priority. When you send mail highlight your achievements appreciations etc

F : my allocation is still QEA CBE PDP only for the past two n half months…I’m not into CDP-IND-TR… When I checked with HR, he said that my ID is masked… Can you advise for my case please?

A : Then just contact GWFM for projects. If they still told ur profile is masked then ask the reason for masking and what they planning too do. After u got information send an official mail stating reason and why you’re not being allocated. Request them to allocate u asap. Based on their response u can act accordingly.

F : GWFM person told me that they have instructions from top management that MS ratings have to masked, also they don’t have further updates on it, it seems… Some centralised team masks all the people n no body can contact that team…

CTS, Kolkata

CTS, Kolkata

Ready to fight, will not give up

A : Telengana state favoured for sacked 8 associates, associates getting their rights bcos they stood and filed in Labour office. Read the article above. Rest 25 people any plan or going to maintain silence ?

G : I am ready to fight, right now in US. Will return on next weekend. And ready to fight. I will not give it up. Others don’t keep quiet, join us to fight

B : We have already posted a complaints to labour comissioner, another set of peoples going to lodge their complaints on Monday..

4 members filed on Monday (May 29, 2017)

A : Hi guys, Can we meet at labour office at 11 ? Is the time okay for everybody who are coming to file ? Reminder – 3 copies of letter need to submit in labour office. There are 4 others too. I’m not the only one to agree. So pls ask them too.

B: Better don’t postpone. File it as soon as possible

A : Hi all, 4 members filed today.


A : Hi people, how about starting a union in CBE to safeguard our job ? Who are all willing ? Nobody is willing to join ? Nobody willing to secure the job ?

I have to tell one thing if don’t participate then union and other location people will like we are always spending time in what’s app only but no involvement in any activities. So pls take this as serious and involve yourselves to secure your job or compensation. Just chatting in group has no use.

Employees getting together in groups and discussing is an important first step. Then arrange physical meetings for more closer group, form a union for legal standing within the company.

Wish all the best for the efforts of Coimbatore employees, we will provide all possible help to their fight.


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