Cognizant (CTS) President Rajeev Mehta says No Retrenchments – Really?

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Cognizant Presidnet Rajeev Mehta told ET ((Cognizant relieving 6,000 Indians to hire in US? Techies up in arms)

“There are no retrenchments. This was part of your annual appraisal cycle and the voluntary separation programme is to ensure we have the right teams and the right skills in areas like digital.” 

Cognizant President Rajeev Mehta

Cognizant President Rajeev Mehta

Let us check.

1. IT Major Cognizant Likely To Lay Off 6,000 Employees. This was a news item published by NDTV one and half months back.

“IT major Cognizant, which has significant operations in India, is likely to cut at least 6,000 jobs, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Who are these people familiar with the matter? Does Rajeev Mehta know them? If not, will he find out from NDTV? Will NDTV clarify?

2. and this in Business Today – Cognizant cuts performance bonus sharply amid likely layoffs

“This comes close on the heels of IT giant looking to cut off as many as 6,000 jobs this year.”

Let Business Today clarify on what basis they wrote this.

Or Mr. Mehta should complaint against NDTV and Business Today for false reporting.

But we all know what is the basis of these reports

And as we wrote here Mr. Mehta is upholding the fine tradition of Cognizant giving false information to the outside world.

When and to whom will Mr. Mehta reveal the truth?


Some comments posted by affected employees. (there are many more)
Mr. Rajeev Mehta should care to reply to any one of this.


I worked for cts out of college station for 10yrs, hurt myself on the job had to have 2 back surgeries and was let go because I was on short term disability for 6 months but I am rehireable as a “new employee” so I automatically lost all my vacation hours and being vested through my 401k.

I’ve seen so much shady stuff at that job from hr, managers, supervisors, lots of employees… it’s like the more you know how to do the more they will take advantage of that and have you doing 7or 8 peoples jobs, they never train any of the employees it’s kind of just sink or swim…

And the employees that are slackers and should be replaced are praised and not have to do anything all day long…. Even they’re pay is shady I left there making what new hires were getting paid. They didn’t give out but $400 raises for the year… And brought several of they’re employees over from India and continue to.


Bullshit appraisal cycle …even managers and senior managers are not aware what is happening…they are doing what HR is saying….not able to understand what they exactly trying to achieve…they hired people without any reasons last year…nd now firing them…if you dont have projects why you are hiring….BC worst management…first ask these useless HR people to leave nd resign…they do nothing but loot the money what we engenieers earn

Only one way …..HR dept is just a dept with some “high educated clarks” who has no other work but licking the executive mgmt.

I was a former employee of CTS they too forced me to resign, I was on bench at that time. They called me and ask me to join either in Bangalore /Pune or resign.

I told them it’s just ten days before I lost my mother please give me some time to think over it, but they did not even try to listen to me and ya they don’t even gave me any salary as compensation as it was also a forced resignation.

I saw this force full resignations in CTS. They call the employees to the meeting room and threaten and black mail to resign.

Hr’s are very rude at cognizant dont have common sense and combined working with operational management..even i lost my job because Hr’s are not supportive they cant take their own decision towards employee issue they involve with managers what they say they will follow..its ridiculous worst comapny have ever seen…

These HRs are really rude. They say that they will call security to throw the employees. Also, they are not efficient in doing their work. No proper communication given to the employees about the policy change. When an employee breaches that they cut their salary.

Everything is atrocious. Not sure who is going to take action.


I was given only one option – 4 months salary.. I asked the HR I want to serve notice period , she said that’s of no use.. n I submitted my resignation .. kind of really frustrating it is

IT companies took the benefit of employees and in return what ever hike we received is not some amount of company profit, there is no IT union, we don’t have any thing in our hand, future of IT we dont know, we all also should to update our knowledge in some other fields other then IT for our better future.

Hiring and firing hapens everywhere but we should rise up against this draconian appraisal system which totally depends on your managers.
They only talk about reskilling but i have never seen them serious. They will keep you without work for years and then they will say you cant perform. Its all big scam played by senior managers , stakeholders and investors who are only interested in multiplying their wealth. I think nation like should must have regulation against these capitalist monsters.


This was a well pre-plan from the organization top level management to reduce the count this year. They don’t follow proper rules and no transparency in appraisal system. What the managers and organization decides that is final. There are lot of managers and supervisors who are not performing for years on years but being retained in organization and not even touched by any one. All political games played by managers and above level with their associates.

Only the people below manager level are suffered a lot and affected with these appraisal system as they don’t can’t do anything. Managers,Sr. Managers, Assoc. directors and directors are all stinking for long years and they are not touched by organization and nobody questions them for their performance. They are promoted every 2 yrs once by default. All HR, managers and talent managers are all together with them.

If the manager decides to screw up an associate’s career then that is final no one can stop, that is how the system works in CTS. Even HR, TAG, management are together in this….


I am working in CTS now.Yes i heard from my other project friends thst some layoff is going on and many people got 4 th rating. But onething is that my manager is not giving importance to resources concern.Pls save Coimbatore CTS employees because they are working 13 hours per day. Manager is not looking this concern and i dont HR is aware of this or not.


It’s not fully his fault..Many times associate get released or transferred to other account..This transition during year end make supervisior give last rating to employee who is leaving project or account..So that he can give good ratings to members who are continuing. So this folk might have done good job through year but unfortunately released during year end if he does not have any project or no takers for him, associate will released to bench . There should be continuous feedback mechanism and mid year review. Things are moving towards quarterly feedback and towards transparency and improving. One thing to note, this is private sector and performing is key criteria ..With bell curve someone will be scapegoat. Accept the fact that this is going to happen , look for self improvement and upskilling.

I pity this HR. They just follow the orders from biggies. People who decide these things, never come in limelight. Poor people on ground need to execute the orders in order to save their jobs. What other options do they have? Why the CEO of such company is not being questioned to?


This is a common practice in CTS….I was also forced to resign saying that I am in PIP….I was promised 2 mths salary but I have got only one month’s salary. There were other TLs also in PIP but no action is being taken against them. They are still in the system and non performing ..they are not able to meet hteir targets but they are still in the system… I made a mistake by putting in my resignation coz I didnt wanted to fight the system .. as I have to take into consideration my parents health….Its been 3 months and I am stll struggling to secure a job…and after giving me salary for the month of February the HR is making all sorts of excuses for not releasing my Salary for the month of March…..

CTS is filled with HR and managers who are hypocrites none of them abide with the values of the organization which are: Transparency, Passion, Empowerment, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Integrity.

All the above values are compromised Left, right and centre.

Whoever has joined CTS in month of September has been given grade 4. What kind of appraisal process they have, they r judging someone capabilities with 3 months????

This is usual one. Cognizant used to ask low rating people to resign. Please not “ask them to resign”. It is happening for years, and the worst part is that Cognizant always claims that they never fire any single employee.

They threaten those low rating employees to resign or else they will terminate them on the grounds of misconduct or something. If they get terminated, they won’t receive experience letter, and it would become tough to get a new job. So people are left with no other option other than resigning.

Employees who were given 4th rating and allocated to project are being planned to be moved to PDP (Bench). HR today has asked managers to provide their skillset to find replacement so that these people can be moved to bench (PDP). Once they are in PDP, they will be fired out.

This is what CTS is currently doing.

Can we take this legally?

I was in Bench n they told my profile has been masked. So hr asked to resign n they only they can provide project allocation. In order to get project I provided my resignation. He told once I get allocation i can do withdrawal. After then appraisal came n I was rated as ms. Now they are not approving my withdrawal even though I am in project now. Pls some one help me out?

This is usual one. Cognizant used to ask low rating people to resign. Please not “ask them to resign”. It is happening for years, and the worst part is that Cognizant always claims that they never fire any single employee.
They threaten those low rating employees to resign or else they will terminate them on the grounds of misconduct or something. If they get terminated, they won’t receive experience letter, and it would become tough to get a new job. So people are left with no other option other than resigning.

I have joined CTS in the month of Sep and got 4th rating. Now, they released me from project. Then, I have checked with few mangers, they are saying we got instruction from management that should not take person who has got 4th rating. I don’t know how to handle this situation.

Really frustrated.

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    • Anonymous on May 9, 2017 at 8:51 am
    • Reply

    IT employees needs to have the union . All the IT engineers are working very hard and odd hours . They provide more then 20 times benefit what they get paid but these blood sucking IT companies will throw the IT employees like tissue paper once the job is completed and then some other IT company start the same cycle.
    We need regulation on this IT Culture :
    1) Strict Job Timings (9am -5 PM) apart from support project , not every project is 24/7 project but due to slavery mentality everyone needs to crush their bones in IT.

    2) Better pay , companies need to reduce their profit and distribute more to IT employees.

    3) Firing : Everyone wants the young workforce so that they can work 24 hours and after working so many hours when employees start getting old then they fire them because then can not work 24 hours now .

    4) Indian IT companies are biggest butcher market where they killing the human lives in the hope of better future.

    5) Playing with people’s lives is not business . One of my friend committed suicide after being fired from software organization because he was not able to bear this shock as he was at senior position .

    Need of the hour is to form the union and make it legal and provide power to it .

    A Frustrated Indian IT engineer .

    • Ankur Maheswary on February 15, 2018 at 5:30 pm
    • Reply

    There are many more company where the Employee get hired and fired but the main concerned is that the HR is hiring based on reference with biggies who are also eating the referral .. many of the places only these employee are safe no matter they are performing or not byt they have a god father inside …

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