Cognizant (CTS), TCS, now Wipro – Should We Accept this as Normal?

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Wipro sacks 600 employees post performance appraisal reads the headline of a news report in The Economic Times.

We have been writing about CTS forcing thousands of its employees to resign and cutting variable pay to remaining employees.

Then there was a communication in TCS about variable pay cut and low increments. Further, the company’s annual statement reveals that tens of thousands of employees have left the company. No one knows how and why. The records will show it is voluntary attrition. But the records lie. Most them would have been forced to resign.

Take the case of Wipro sending out 600 employees cited above with speculation that the number could go as high as 2,000. The company says “The performance appraisal … lead to the separation of some employees from the company and these numbers vary from year to year”. That means this is going on year in and year out in all these companies.

One thing none of these big corporates will reveal is under which section of Indian labour laws they effect “the separation of some employees”. Are the employees given letters stating this? Or are they forced to resign? Invariably it is the case of resignations forced by HR goons.

Read some of the reactions about Wipro layoffs in the comments section of Economic Times news [bold emphasis added].

IBM is also no good in the same race…for one project they have 10 managers billing for the same work…But when firing time comes they will fire work force… Not the high paying incompetent managers.. Moreover there is a lobby system in IBM which takes care of onsite travel, and promotions.

Most of the companies take action when their profits dip or something else happens that is likley to impact their business. Performance is rarely the issue. Actually you should kick out the HR people and people who hired these [so] called bad performers. How come they were selected – something wrong with selection process. How come HR realizes bad performance all of a sudden. HRs in most organizations and even departments are told that they have to identify guinea pigs who can be fired. HR people are rated by how much they can contribute to cut costs to company. Shame on them.

I know a case, where an employee resigned on Friday 12:00 PM because of manager harassment and after 8 minutes his manager released him on basis of performance. The same manager was begging to him not to resign. The employee left after sending mail to senior management (including CEO). He had incriminating evidence against manager including threatening voice mail. Nothing happened. HR in turn threatened the employee and not to have any communication with the client. HR was very blunt that they had to manage the attrition rate so this kind of tricks are acceptable. So that’s how WIPRO handles resignations. Don’t know with what face Prem talks about Integrity.

Wipro is not for honest and hard workers. Wipro is same like Government organisation, people get promotions, people get hikes even they won’t work and even they come to office around 11 AM because of stupid Managers. Management is blind, they have no interest to reveal and find genuine person. Leads always targets who ever speaks truth and who ever complains when Leads do mistakes. Worse assessment and appraisal process which is not use full to clients. Clients are looking for real time experts but Wipro is always insisting employees to complete useless exams. Customers are looking for 100% attention of employees but Wipro management is wasting employee time with useless assessments.

Most of the reporting managers in Wipro are lazy and irresponsible. They always write wrong feedback for performance appraisal. A employee gets the bad feedback even he works very hard and even he pays devotion at work. Some employees gets good feedback even they don’t work because of negligence of reporting managers. They blame honest workers and appraise lazy workers. Performance Appraisal is meaning less because, it’s a wrong assessment process. There is no truth in performance assessment. Reporting managers are just playing around with employees.

600 of 1.8 lakh is less than .5% but the trend is wrong. IT has boomeranged Indian economy in past and is the biggest exporter. Big organization should have a deeper look at their strategy. Its failure of leadership which impacts employees. New hiring should freeze and existing employees should be groomed. This number seems incorrect as either appraisal process is skewed (only < .5% underperformer) or something else is brewing underneath. May Wipro employees get Azeem Prem from their organization.


IMHO this provides a great opportunity to two people
1. India’s CESS loving Minister who can charge huge fee to these IT companies per sacking/ retrenching/resizing/downsizing/golden hand shake etc. etc. Huge revenue potential.
2. For @NarendraModi who is failing in employment generation for which lofty promises were made in BJP manifesto to RE-View and speak to India Inc. about all this fuss.

I have always wondered whether it is filling positions without thinking by HR people who are ordered to Ramp Up/ Scale Up by the CEO/COO and later asked to Resize, Downsize, Restructure, Reorganise, Change management, Organisation design and other fancy names and cut down the excess manpower.

What it is doing is causing steep unemployment and there is no respite in the economy. While I read that India has produced a Billionaire every month for past 7 years – if you look at the Sacking of people employed number – it would have touched almost a Million in IT industry alone which is alarming. By easing the Labour laws with a conniving Minister in the pockets of India Inc. I wonder if the labour department ever looks at this scenario and reports to the PM? Very sad

S Patil
Why talking about Wipro, TCS, Infosys, do people know the fate of people working in Telecom companies, it is worst than worst, Telecom engineers are getting half salary than govt 10th pass peon.

In good times most are good performers, in bad times bad performers swell 🙂



This is Stupid. They do not have any proper process, Some vertical head who do not have any idea what employee does takes the decision in the system. Whoever is close to manager, even though technically unfit, will be in Organization. Wipro Lost 14 projects and not getting any in US market. With the money power they have, they are acquiring companies. If you closely watch the projects lost by Wipro from few quarters went to TCS. Good part is Mr. CEO and off-shore leaders are EX-TCS. Mr. Chairman to have a close watch to save WIPRO.

Scrap performance appraisal !

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    • Kns on September 5, 2017 at 2:57 pm
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    There is a common saying in IT Industry. YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I WILL SCRATCH YOURS. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS NOW. People on senior management are shown doors just because some of them had been very straight forward in telling truth and taking stand fir employees or juniors. HR especially in IT industry are not Human Resource but are HRAASSING resource . Who does not understand what being human is. An HR who knows nothing about the job or the skills will call upon you and after lot of defending will ask u to resign and also make sure that your benifit in terms of gratuity are eaten off. High time friends to do two things. Form various small to medium group . Come together on a common platform form a working group and take away those contracts. After all all these big Co are built on these employees only. Secondly form union and fight strongly for our rights. Also if we look at the costing most of the projects run at margins of 40-60% . But for the inflated loading of fig as high as 35% om is shown low. Ask the finance guy ,on the detailed explanation of loading he will not reveal till he resigns.
    Look at the so called trg programs ,most of the programs are highly generic with no focus on self development. Ask the manager and HR -what is the career framework or path for me ( pls note at the time of selection these guys will says we have established framework and sky is the limit )
    ,no answer . At least I could not get while working as a very senior management in last 2 IT majors.

    The Genesis for bad culture in HR originates from MBA institute itself resulting highly inskilled HR instead of standing for employees stand fir the employer.

    Time to change the game.

    • Experienced_IT_Executive on June 14, 2018 at 9:55 am
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    These things are happening in the Indian IT industry and the same things get spread to US IT industry as well. This is time for self introspection by Indian IT industry. Without having long term vision of employment for employees, hire freshers use them for 5-10 yrs, retrench them, hire some freshers, use them for 5-10 yrs, send some of them to onsite to replace expensive American workers and when the work is finished, bring them back to India and the cycle continues. These things are not good. IT industry needs to be fixed, labor laws need to be written, re-written, followed as well as there has to be regulation by the government. Indian IT industry is not capable of self governance.

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