Cognizant (CTS) To Reply by May end to NDLF Representation

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NDLF gave a representation seeking intervention –into the ongoing forced resignations of IT employees,  mass layoffs in IT companies like Cognizant, Wipro to the labour commissioner on May 16, 2017.

At the meeting of affected employees and CTS representatives on May 17th, Joint Commissioner of Labour (conciliation) asked Cognizant management to reply to NDLF’s representation within a week.

CTS representatives asked for and were given 2 weeks time . Accordingly we expect a reply before May end to NDLF’s petition (given below).


New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing
Rep by its Organizer
110/63, Corporation Commercial Complex
NSK Salai, Kodampakkam
Mobile No: 9003198576


The Commissioner of Labour
Office of the Commissioner of Labour
DMS Complex
Chennai – 600 006.

Sir/ Madam

Sub: Seeking intervention – ongoing forceful resignations of IT employees
Mass layoffs in IT companies like Cognizant, Wipro etc – reg

I am the organizer of IT Employees wing of New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF), a registered Labour Union in Tamil Nadu. In the year 2015, IT Employees Wing has been formed and at present hundreds of Employees from various IT companies are members of our union. As you are aware, we have filed a Public Interest Litigation before the High Court of Madras and on the direction issued by the High Court Madras your Department has clarified to us that Employees belonging to the IT companies are coming under Labour Welfare Legislations.

Recently major IT companies Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wipro etc started to retrench numerous employees illegally by underrating them as under performers in a non transparent manner and threatening them to resign. Most of them can’t bear the continuous harassment of their respective managements and resigned their jobs. Some of them refused to do so and still fighting their continuance in employment. Now through their official mails controlled by the internal server of management, resignation mails are generated automatically without the consent of respective individuals. Several employees contacted us and explained how they are forced by their managements to resign from their jobs.

In this context it is pertinent to note that in leading newspapers and electronic media it is reported that thousands of employees being sacked in the aforesaid companies in the name of mass layoffs. But the managements are not coming forward to explain what’s going on. Even our union mailed to the management of Cognizant but no reply was given by them. The prevailing situation endangers the peaceful environment in the IT sector and thousands of employees are facing termination of services in near future. Every employee is threatened if they opposed what their managements wants to do, they will be put under a blacklist and they will not able to get employment in any other IT company.

Even though there are statutory provisions to seek remedies under the laws of our country, the illegal forceful resignations of numerous employees in Cognizant and Wipro by non transparent appraisal system and underrating as non performers through illegal means to be prevented by the intervention of Government of Tamil Nadu. As these IT companies are earning windfall profits using the subsidized lands, tax exemptions, non stop power consumption affecting the public exchequer under the guise of providing employments to educated youth, now they are terminating and making non employments without following any lawful methods. This should  be curtailed by the Government. For the past three months these companies are forcing their employees to resign without any intervention from the officials of Government.

Therefore at this juncture as the custodian of welfare of labourers of Tamil Nadu, we call for you to directly intervene in the ongoing forceful resignations in IT companies Cognizant Technology Solutions and Wipro. We request you to arrange a tripartite meeting between the management, Government Officials and IT employees union in order to settle the termination disputes prevailing among the employees of these companies. And also direct the management’s of CTS and Wipro to submit the details of resigned employees in the past three months and direct your subordinate officials to conduct an enquiry with them on their resignations.


Yours sincerely

(S.Karpaga Vinayagam)
New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing

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    • ttt on May 22, 2017 at 1:47 pm
    • Reply

    We are hearing from CTS representatives and they are atleast responding accordingly, but what about Wipro? has the company said anything post representation .Very silenf from their side.

    • Amol Barsing on May 22, 2017 at 3:11 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    Microland Limited company also forcing their employees to resign & putting them on bench before appraisal cycle, i am one of the victim of it
    Please suggest the next step of action, i also want to join NDLF & I am from Mumbai,Please help…

    • yyy on May 22, 2017 at 6:21 pm
    • Reply

    Has wipro team responded back , seeing responses only from CTS representatives

      • Victim on May 24, 2017 at 5:17 pm
      • Reply

      No response. They are firing even people who are in billable projects. It is expected more than 10000 people are being fired post closure of annual appraisal.

    • RaamPrasath on June 13, 2017 at 8:02 pm
    • Reply

    I hope there is no update on this issue after.DID cts give any answer for this petition.

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