Cognizant Layoff Plan for Senior Employees – Union Warns Company to Follow the Law

The same report also confirms that in 2017,  Cognizant sent out 4,000 employees

Economic Times reports that Cognizant (CTS) is planning to layoff senior level staff in the coming year.

Already, in the second quarter (April-May-June) 22% employees left the company.  Cognizant president Raj Mehta had declared that they “are targeting senior people and it is not voluntary”.

The same report also confirms that in 2017,  Cognizant sent out 4,000 employees. But the company representatives maintained in all disputes raised in labour departments in various cities (Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata) that all these cases are voluntary exits, not involuntary terminations. This report exposes how CTS management lied in the conciliation proceedings.

“We want to weed out deadwood higher up in the pyramid so that the juniors can grow,” says Cognizant president Raj Mehta.

Rajeev Mehta

Mr. Mehta uses disgusting words like “deadwood” “weeding out” with respect to their own employees.

Mr. Mehta uses disgusting words like “deadwood” “weeding out” with respect to their own employees. Here senior employees does not mean someone in their late 50s, these employees are in their early to late thirties and have a full 20 – 25 years of productive work life in front of them. They also have family commitments like paying of home loans, educating children and taking care of elderly parents.

Even as it plans to layoff senior employees, the company is hiring young talent who can be exploited at low salaries for longer hours. When 22% of employees left the company in the second quarter, it added 7,500 new employees.

Now is the time for CTS employees to come forward to take up fight against the company.

On behalf of the Cognizant employees, we demand that the company management should follow the law of the land. If they really want to let some employees go, they should announce an optional Voluntary Retirement Scheme. This can be for employees with more than certain number of years service in the company (say 10 years), since the company is targeting senior employees only.

For those employees who do not want to opt for VRS, the company should provide working opportunities till they reach their superannuation. Any performance or skill issues should be handled within the company in consultation and  consent of the concerned employee.

Cognizant layoffs: Top layer trimmed to make way for juniors

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