“Cognizant layoff plea closed in favour of sacked staff”: Telangana Govt

News report from Hindu Business Line

Key takeaways

  1. “Generally, it is not easy to terminate an employee,”
  2. “[Employees] not to tender resignation because once they did that they would lose their right to petition us or move labour courts. A sacked employee has all the right to contest his termination”
  3. The employees are still subject to company HR manipulations.
  4. Form a union immediately

Some excerpts from the report

“We have closed the case in favour of affected employees and suggested the company management to continue everybody and hold one—on—one discussion to resolve the issue,” Telangana Joint Labour Commissioner Chandra Shekaram told PTI over phone from Hyderabad on Saturday.

“We have also advised the management to give all eight employees one more opportunity to prove their mettle,”

“The company has also accepted considering revoking resignations of the three employees and engaging them in discussions,”

The company has not been given any timeline to resolve the matter.

“if the employees are still unhappy with the outcome of the discussions, they can revert to the labour department or move the labour court.”

“If they revert to us, we will try to deal the case within the parameters of the Industrial Disputes Act and take stern action. If the company has been found violating, we will punish them,”

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