Condemn the midnight arrest of Advocate Vanchinathan by Tamil Nadu police

Date : June 21, 2018

Press Release

Sub : Condemn the midnight arrest of Advocate Vanchinathan by Tamil Nadu police.

Tamil Nadu police has arrested Advocate Vanchinathan who is the state co-ordinator of People’s Rights Protection Center. Vanchinathan is a practicing lawyer at the Madurai bench of Madras High Court.
Vanchinathan is the legal advisor to the struggle committee of Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) people demanding closure of Sterlite Copper plant. Sterlite plant proved to be a heavy polluter of land, water and air in and around Thoothukudi. On May 22, the Tamil Nadu police fired at the protesting public including women and children in which 13 persons were killed and hundreds were injured. The killings evoked memories of Jalian Walabagh massacre during the British colonial rule.

Under these circumstances, Tamil Nadu government foisted false cases on Vanchinathan and had arrested him in Chennai Airport at midnight. This is a gross violation of the democratic rights of Vanchinathan and an attempt to suppress people protests.

On behalf of IT employees, NDLF IT Employees Wing strongly condemns this undemocratic and high handed behaviour by Tamil Nadu government and demands immediate release of Vanchinathan and dropping all the false cases foisted on him.

NDLF IT Employees Wing

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