Corporate Harassments – Experiences by Employees

We give below a selection of emails we received from employees working in IT sector [all personal  identification information are removed]. The merits of each case can be debated. But the common thread running through all these are the unfair practices, disregard for law and casual treatment of employees by these companies. We must insist once again that only a union of IT employees can handle such incidents in a fair, transparent and democratic manner within company.

Corporates in IT/ITES sector have their own association called NASCOM which lobbies with government, and speaks on behalf of employers. Employees need for union is all the more greater considering their vulnerability when facing a big corporate as employer.

1. Company will resign  in your name

“I have gone thru the last article published by you where you stated about the Wipro layoff. Now They have implemented new policy for employee exit thru sharing employee credential and password with their supervisor. Kindly see the attached file.

If resource is not initiating his Exit process than supervisor can do same thing by using resource credential with stating password policy.”

Ex.Wipro Emp.”

2. Recently joined employee given low rating and being forced resign in Tech Mahindra


I Joined tech mahindra [last year] as a lateral hire. Person who joined before 30 June was eligible into the appraisal cycle. The appraisal cycle was April-16 to Sept -16.

As I was new in my team, so my manager given low rating compare to my existing team members but when final rating declared by HR after appraisal over I got the last rating and as I received last rating HR asked me to put your paper and leave the organization.

In two days they have released me from my duty. Since I Joined Tech M I was working hard deliver two projects in Production but based on my only 3 months they asked me to leave.

I raised grievance also in appraisal system but which is also automatically rejected..

They didn’t give me a chance to prove that I am good performer. Also didn’t gave me chance to think what needs to do. They said if you will not resign we will do forcefully termination which will create bad impact for your career.

I also find my manager helpless so unfortunately I resigned and they relieved me in 2-3 days.”

3. 20 years of service and Rolta India kicks you out in 3 days


My self [removed]. I was an employee of IT firm named Rolta India. I worked for company about 20 years with best interest. I was joined as operator level and with best performance I got various level promotions and touched to Manager level.

One fine day organisation informed that your performance is so poor we have to keep under observation for next 3 months. But within next 3 days they asked resignation forcefully stated that we are makes you retired. When I asked for compensation they prompted You are Manager as per policy you won’t. I told them I promoted as Manager in last year only, but they told it is company policy

Is it good returns after 20 years long service to one organization?


4. Harrowing experience for a fresher in CTS

“I has been working in IT MNC Cognizant Technology India Pvt. Ltd as Programmer Analyst Trainee [removed] since 11 months.

I was harassed and badly treated by my colleagues and Supervisor for more than 4 months. I made complaint with my Manager [removed]. He did nothing on this and then I reached to Senior Manager [removed], then to Associate Director [removed], Senior Director [removed] and so on. All of the business leads including HR department ([removed]) started harassing me more and more.

As a result of my complaint of harassment, I became soft target. They had threatened me to hold my confirmation and worst rating. I reported the same to HR too and also to all senior most authorities in Cognizant.

I asked for relocation to Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad. So that, I may be in safe side from my career and my mental health prospective.

As a retaliation, They have hold my confirmation and have given worst rating/feedback with baseless and silly comments which seems to be as allegation. Now, This is extreme harassment by Employer.

I had written an email to almost all senior most authorities including CEO of the company. But at all no action has been taken and I am forced to work here only in [removed] within same account and with same people.

They had given transfer to many resources like me but they are not giving transfer to me. They made me in Depression and high blood pressure. I did’t have any option other than lodging complaint with Labour Ministry. Central Labour Ministry official has informed me that he has forwarded my case to Labour Department [removed].”

4. Wipro’s sinister appraisal system

“Hi Team,

Thanks for initiating the process we have hope for the same, I am with you I am facing same challenges in Wipro.


I am working in Wipro from last 5.8 years as database administrator [removed].

All years I received HVC rating and good promotion, this year I received 3 Quarter HVC rating and suddenly 4th quarter I received More Contribution rating (MCE) which is not accepted.

Please let me know next action what we have to do to stop this…..”

5. A budding career affected

I am [removed]. I have joined CTS chennai recently in [removed] as a Associate.

My Manager gave me 4th bucket stating due to new joinee we have given you 3rd rating, but due to force from management side rating has been changed from 3rd to 4th. I will promise you to give good rating in the coming year. I will also assure you for job security.

Suddenly one week back he came to me and said we are releasing you from the project [removed]. But in the system it showing [removed] is my last date from the project.

When i checked with him, he said please search outside. You will not get project internally due to 4th rating.

Till now i have not got any escalation as well during my assignments.

Please help me out.I am not in the position to leave the job. As I am the only person working in my home. Got very afraid of this situation.

Need some ones help to guide and help me to overcome this job insecurity problem.

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