Corporate Pressure Stifles Suicide News – Shame on you Media, Governments!

Ganta Chaitanya’s suicide created shock waves in all our minds. The tragic incident is confirmed by many employees working in the company and the same IT park. We give below a compilation of comments posted to our article making the world know about the untimely and tragic death. Had we ignored the WhatsApp message as unconfirmed rumour (as mainstream media did not report it), the truth would not have come out.

Why the media is silent? It is surprising that all the reporters chose not to cover this news. What kind of pressure and bribes the company and government used, to silence the media?

The central and state governments are watching even as five suicides have happened among IT employees in the last 60 days. There is a IT minister in the central government and in the state governments. What they do? Do they get reports about such tragic incidents happening in the sectors they are monitoring and regulating? If not, why? If yes, what action they have taken?

IT employees have the right to know!

Raj (email withheld)

This news is true, I am from the same tech park.
His name is Ganta Krishna Chaitanya

The person barely knew the who died (name and email withheld)

I am deeply saddened,,I work in the same company and its difficult to digest that the person who commited suicide used to sit few seats near my place .

I was in deep shock n still I am ,,I barely knew the person n spoke to him few time early in the office everyday ..he used to come around @8 -9 am n turn on lights in our seating section everyday ..It’s just sad to see this person diapear in thin air .

Got rumours that he sat n cried in cafeteria on top 11th floor n ran immediately outside the open space n jumped before the cleaning staff tried to stop him.

The worst part was almost everybody in our office took it lightly as what I saw ,,people were criticizing him for taking this step n at certain point it’s correct but one cannot know what in mental state he was.

The body was taken immediately police did investigation n nothing we heard after that .

No condolences mail or message by the company till now .

This happened in RGA techpark which belongs one of the ruling state govt MP . This may be the reason they are suppressing it .. I am not sure whether it was due to layoff or personal issue since it’s clear yet but as per rumours it said he got termination letter the same morning but one colleague just died n people in IT are so soulless who continued to work on the next hour thid tragedy happened. is laying off employees cat n dog ,,n no sallary normalisation for people working for 3+years n no proper hikes ,,they have target of 5k to be laid off soon n they are just doing it whether one lives or dies . This is highly unprofessional from this company.

GT (email withheld)

Working for the same company where the suicide took place. Got an official communication as well. Going through similar issues with management. 3 yr old in the Organization, 2 years exceeding expectations rating third year new manager give me poorest of all rating.

Cleared an IJP and was offered promotion. The current manager gave false and a very bad feedback about me to the hiring manager tarnishing my image. I have complained to the HR and its been over a month no action has been taken.

The company has become completely insensitive towards employees.

This happened in RGA techpark which belongs one of the ruling state govt MP

Sai (email withheld)

When i joined 3.3 years back . I have a very good hope on this company that I thought can reach new heights in my career. But stupid scoundrel rascals are in the management. After 3 years they gave 7% hike. Not even fresher will work for that or even company watchman is earning more than that.

They not even discuss with the employee and give direct ratings and forceful to acknowledge that.

My manager he is a such a bastard not even give extra penny even though for extra hours continuously working till today last 1 year I am working even in night for support.

They will charge lakhs of rupees billing for client and even they cheat the clients. I don’t know why even client is blind and dumb.

Moreover they say u can leave the company but not project. And encourage to go out and they only refer their own ppl ex colleagues and giving them 100 to 150% hike. If they can give 20 to 25% same to the existing employee..It would make huge difference. It is not at all good company for loyals. It is only good for cheaters, backstabbing ppl, fake workers.

Frustrated employee

Waste company, does’nt value emoloyees, it has infrastructure what’s the use.. senior and middle management are crooks and worst fellows…I was there for 7 years in the company and 6 years in on-site.. and consistently performing with excellent ratings always…never recognised or promoted…Had to quit getting vexed…It’s a sinking boat don’t join and quit if you are working there…


The management is very bad in DXC Technology(Legacy CSC). The company force to resigned several people from Noida. Even someone working very hard. There are several project managers they are only consider the employee who are buttering. There should be such rule to avoid this kind of incident in future.


News source :

Kolluru Vemuru Bhattiprolu Repalle Janasena Andhra Pradesh

Name – Ganta Chaitanya
DXC technology, RGA Tech park , Bangalore

ఇతనికి ఒక్క small kid ఉన్నారు. Job పోయినది అని suicide చేసుకున్నారు. IT Jobs కి security లేదు. Becareful.
He has a small kid for him. Suicide by the job. It does not have security for it jobs. Becareful.


IT company hiding this kind of suicide cases as personal problem.Most of IT people aloof and not bothered about what is happening around them,IT company is utilising this.

DXC employees should fight for Chaitanya, get company to knees and get compensation,and also job in DXC for Chaitanya wife.


It is very sad and unfortunate. The company and HR needs to be sensible on such matters. I am sure Chaitnya was capable to get any other job. Unfortunately management and HR keeps it secret and publish the list suddenly. A life could have been saved if HR was a bit sensible. Chaitnya needed a counceling rather than an order. For employees it is very hard to handle such situation. I request all people to do not take such action because of such companies. There of lot of things and opportunities in life. These companies are nothing in comparison to what you can do.


IT companies has made this as habit. Senior Management is earning Crores of Rupees in terms of Incentives But they don not have money for paying Employees. Government has to come forward and make strict Laws against Hire and Fire Policy.


Being part of organised sector we are helpless and no support from govt. At least daily wage workers has ration and many life saving schemes. Govt has to bring rule to it sector that they have to provide 1 yr salary while terminating employment.

Vemuru Pradesh

Do not choose suicide. No Job is worth that. Instead make the company pay for their failure to plan better. Do this by law suit or by seeing it as being freed from slavery of bad management to go to a better job

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