Corruption Allegations : Anony Letter from StanChart GBS Employees

Corruption in HR Practices : An Anonymous Letter from Standard Chartered GBS Employees

We received this letter by post. Enclosed sheet shows that the letter has been sent to various officers of Standard Chartered GBS (Haddows Road and Karapakkam).

We have not authenticated the contents of the letter and removed the names of employees mentioned therein. We feel that the issues mentioned in this letter, casteism, favouritism, denial of employee rights etc, are typical of many corporate work places in India and should be highlighted. Hence we publish it here only for a dialogue about such practices in Indian corporate world. This is not specific to Standard Chartered, GBS.

We have reproduced all the bold highlights, underlinings and language features of the letter.

Standard Chartered Global Business Services,#1 Haddows Road, Chennai-600006

Respected Officer,

The labour laws and regulations are being violated and the employees are getting exploited at Standard Chartered Global Business Services. There are no professionalism moral and and ethics in treating the lower grade-C-D-E-F employees.

No comp-offs and no additional allowances are being provided for the holiday/weekend work. There is no additional allowance for on-call support to cover the 24×7 support. Staffs are not availing the comp-off due to the thread to their job and also due to the huge workload. The top management is not taking any corrective action to control to long working hours of the C-D-E-F-G – grade staffs and their holiday work too. Special trainings are provided to H-I-J- grade staffs to how to create the evidences to terminate the C-D-E-F-G grade staffs.

Laptops are provided to all employees (C-D-E-F-G- grade staffs) and the management is expecting the staffs to work at any time(24×7) from home based on the need. Just like that they are calling the resources and asking them to complete the tasks. Not sure what are the “Labour law and Regulations” being followed at Standard Chartered in India?

“Mr.Two-pizzas” [name and id removed] put the recruitment freeze for all new positions. How come the new recruitment which are approved as the part of new project roll outs can be put on freeze? Is [name removed] thinking that those who approved the budget for new head counts for new project rollouts are fools? Also [name removed] started laying-off the staffs to reduce the current headcounts as well. Till 2017 yearend [name removed] will laying-off the staffs and he will show the cost-saving numbers. This is nothing but simply cooking up the numbers in the balance sheet for 2017. Reducing the headcount alone is his management strategy then it is a clear evidence for the inefficiency of the the top management. [name removed promoted [name and id removed] on what basis and by which HR-policy?

Why the lay-off is planned in india alone? Are [name removed and the top management having guts to terminate the staffs in Singapore and Malaysia?

Always the C-D-E-F-G- grade staffs are cornered by H-I-J grade staffs as they are at the top level management. There is a closed network at H-I-J -grade staffs to save themselves as well as to get more benefits. There is no discipline in in-time and out-time and work-at-home at G-H-I-J-grade staffs.

In terms of controlling the senior H-I-J- grade recruitments, not sure what is the strategy being followed. Already there are too many axtra headcounts in senior H-I-J-grade and their utilization levels are very very low. But still the senior H-I-J-grades are being recriuted without any proper business justification. Already the utilization of C-D-E-F-G- grade is very very high but still the headcount reduction is happening at this lower level.

Actually the PS-TS model is a failed approach due to duplicate efforts and redundant roles and respnsibility. Also it is not suitable to have a basic resource-utilization. Stream heads orally informed to the team that there is no more PS-TS model in PSS but they asked the resource to book their timesheets in PS-TS packet alone. Not sure why this confused stand at the senior management regarding the PS-TS model. Not sure who is going to take the blame for the money and efforts wasted in the PS-TS program?

What is the utilization and contribution of the senior resources in CnC? There is no business efficiency at CnC model as it is duplicate and redundant as the PSS team doing the all activities.

[name and id removed] was rejected by [name and id removed] after the technical interview. But [name removed] was re-recruited by [name removed] as both of them are from same caste-community. The strategy decided by [name removed] in DND-LMS-LILLY was no way cost/business/technology efficient. Not sure how biz-owners are agreed for this reticules approach decided by [name removed].

[name and id removed] did not able to provide a role for [name and id removed] in I grade but [name removed] re-recuited [name and id removed] in I-grade as both [name removed] and [name removed] are from same caste-community. [name and id removed] worked with [name removed] in RB-domanin. Once [name removed] moved to TB-domain then he created a role for [name removed] in TB-domain too. Why this kind of comfort level and resource dependency at the top management.

What is the utilization of [name removed]- during the first six months from his DOJ? As both of them are from same caste-community [name and id removed] recruited [name removed]- Just like that as he had the eRRF though that role is not need at that point of time. [name removed] moved out of CEMS and it was given to [name removed] as additional portfolio but by that time there were enough senior resources in CEMS to manage the complete PSS operations. But still [name removed] recruited [name and id removed] in I-grade as a replacement for [name removed]  but very less respnsibility is given to [name removed], which is no way BUSINESS EFFICIENT strategy by [name removed].

Physical fitness of [name and id removed] is not enough to perform the duty as the percentage of his eye-disability is more. But still [name and id removed] recruited [name and id removed] as both of them are from same caste-community. [name and id removed] is not a top performer in E-grade in the team but [name removed] gave the grade-F promotion to [name removed] as both of them are from caste-community. [name and id removed] is not a top performer in grade-G in the team but [name removed] gave the grade-H promotion to [name removed] as both them are from same caste-community. Though there is no need of a role, Still [name removed] recruited [name and id removed] as both of them are from same caste-community. What is the utilization of the each resource in Audit and Risk team in [name removed]’s portfolio?

These kinds of unprofessional approaches and Labour Law violations are happening across all departments in Standard Chartered GBS in india

We hope that the corrective actions will be taken by someone to stop all these above unprofessional behaviors of the H-I-J-grade staffs to make the Standard Chartered GBS as the right work piace for mankind

With Regards,
the most impacted (E-F-grade staffs) by HEALTH due to long working hours&
also very badly cheated in terms of Rewards, Promotion and Recognition.

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