Corruption in IT Company Mail room – An Email

Received through Email. The concerned person has taken up this issue with the banks, courier companies and within the company.

This message was sent to NASSCOM offices in different cities of India with copies to our union email address and to the central government.

What will NASSCOM and government do on this issue? (and many other issues of corruption in private sector, including recruitment scams by HR departments?)

Some say that IT companies have decided not to deliver individual mails to employees as it will overburden the security staff. They are not ready provide even this basic courtesy to employees who spent so many hours of their working life in the office premises.

Let the companies come out with a clear policy.

Dear Team,

For the past few months I have not been receiving my bank statements addressed at my office address. Bank completed investigation and courier agencies are indeed delivering at the security desk. From there starts the fun. The security folks have an unholy nexus with the mailroom guys that they don’t intimate the employees of courier receipt and after a few months the whole pile is being sent to scrap for money.

On an informal survey a few other SEZs in Chennai are witnessing this issue as well.

Can Nasscom/Meity take up the issue please?

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan / Technical Architect

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