Corporate Scam Gets Covered Up – a short story

 FRAUD motor company – A Corruption Story – Purely fictional

(Any resemblance to real life incidents and companies are purely coincidental)

May 2018 – IT management meeting in Fraud Motor company

“We have to maintain profit margin and reputation together. There should be a smooth way to handle this scam.” yelled COO.

“They will not leave on their own! You know very well that they made crores of rupees through their recruitment network. Also, they get paid royal salaries” HR Head communicated.

“Do something yaar . We will be roasted for sure in all possible ways by the media and employees if the news of this scam becomes public.” COO reacted with displeasure

Anil, a delivery Manager in operations orchestrated a Recruitment scandal via Vendor company “Futureonfocus” and looted 2 crore every year .

He made all possible ways to make money thru backdoor entry, enhanced billing to vendors and many more. Over confident, Anil made the kickbacks for all backdoor transactions to be remitted his ICICI account. This was an open advertisement to everyone : “Backdoor entries in Fraud Motor company . Please contact ANIL in this own number ”

At last management came to know about this by a whistle blower. The management did not want to expose the corrupt duo publicly and take legal action.

“Recruitment corruption is a team effort, so there are many involved. But we can not take action. We will lose reputation and be panned for lack of governance . Fraud motor company will attract serious media attention if we move court.”

HR junior “Many Delivery Managers operate benami Vendor companies and operate legalized backdoor entries. We already have data thru a Whistleblower about which delivery managers operate benami companies. Lets prepare a List. ”

“Instead of approaching the courts and internal committee, let us keep it simple and make them put paper. We can show them convincing data points that they have no other option. If needed we will pay them whatever they ask to hush up the whole thing.”

List provided with 20+ names for whom VRS is offered. Fraud motor company eliminated corruption through VRS for corrupt managers. Corruption stories are buried in the name of reputation of company.

– Chennai Citizen

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