Notice Period | Natpukkaga | Black Sheep – Can Friendship Alone Safeguard our Rights

Itsa good attempt but ameturish in concept and screenplay. These sort of movies will bring Layoff as normal scenario and unions are not needed for resolution.

Workplace politics, Freebies, Negotiation, Layoff spoken as thin line.


  1. Resignation is not the best choice to fight forced layoffs. The employss can send a refusal letter and go for fight through union rather than resignation. Illegal Forced Layoff in a profitable company is impossible as per Law.. But here in the film, Anbudasan is quitting for friend’s layoff in the name of friendship glorification (Like Thalapathy movie ).
    Why not file Industrial dispute case against forced resignation threat?
  2. Can a married person can do like this? How can he survive as family?
  3. Confidence factor exists in the affected employees that they can get another job immediately. Is it possible? If so, why 1 lakh IT layoff victims are suffering?
  4. Lack of respect to coworkers, idleness in work place after resignation. Women empowerment is clearly missing. Staring a women, Harassing a women will attract punishment as per Vishaka Guidelines in Office space. It will end up even to Jail punishment.

To sum up, the movie shows that IT people are ignorant about their rights lazy to fight for them.

The right solution..

Join NDLF or any Union or start a new union to safeguard against Illegal Layoffs and Corporate politics. Employees in manufacturing companies, Banks and Insurance companies are doing this.

  1. Forced Resignation – A Brilliant Short Film “Human RESOURCES – Indian Indie Film (English) – 4K Ultra HD | By Sasidhar”
  2. Read IT fun or Life Series to get knowledge about layoffs.

– By – Kasirajan

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